Middle Ground

And there you were, somewhere between reality and dreams,

Where the lines blur and the sea meets the sky,

An ethereal blue, all around, for as far as the eyes can see.


We fell in love, somewhere between midnight and morning,

Most of what we had, oscillated like a pendulum,

Taking in its wake the full spectrum of feelings.


Either we were word pairs or the pieces of an incomplete puzzle,

Middle ground never existed,

Now here you are, once again.


I don’t know what to term you,

Love or like? Friends or lovers?

For the longest time I decided to not name you,

Back into familiar warm corners.


Beyond being branded into boxes,

Like torrential rains during summer,

Confusing meteorologists, labels and conventions, all alike.


Visible mess,

Infallible guess,

Incomplete address,




Cats and Bags


This post is a part ofย Mundane Monday Challenge, and now in hindsight I realise that this isn’t a great photo, but this cracked me up the day I set my eyes on it! ๐Ÿ˜€

I have this extremely bad habit of misplacing my things, more so my books and I throw a crazy tantrum if I can’t find them, loose papers and the calculator which is why my parents have bought me these jute bags in which I dump all my books, and lug it around whenever I sit to study ๐Ÿ˜›