About a Boy

There are times in life that you bump into someone who reminds you a piece of your soul that got lost while growing up, in the rigmaroles of daily life, loops and hoops that we jump through, expertly maneuvering bumps and at times falling flat, right on the face.

This post is about a boy whom I met a week back, one who wears his heart on his sleeve, has dazzling golden brown eyes flecked with emerald green, coldplay addict, fellow GoT fan, terrible selfie taker, expert hand holding road crosser, one with warm hugs and a warmer smile.

I spent the last 7 days in his company, in an unknown city, and wondered what makes us tick?

An automatic level of comfort, sharing a plate of cut watermelon sprinkled with salt and learning how to spit out seeds, hushed whispers and inside jokes, eyes that talk, smiles that give things away. The longer I ponder, the tighter the knot gets. Why is it that with some people we just fit into the puzzle?

Those who bare their hearts for you, share your love for the mountains, argues and debates but will be there to lean on at the end of the day, protects and calls himself your white knight, but also teases and pulls your leg. The scarier realization that you’d be together for 8 more days and then never know which plunge life takes.

Often with strangers, there is an unprecedented level of comfort that sets in, how much do we really need to know someone to connect? With some you read their dreams, what makes their face light up, things that cause a ripple in their thoughts and gauge them, but what if someone connects at the first instance you lock eyes? That runs deeper than friendship but falls short of love.

The funny thing is that I’ve met such people earlier, random strangers who steal a piece of your heart for keepsakes. Have we got the entire concept of soulmates wrong?

Does it need to be just one other person that you love, or the few others who pull you into an impromptu badly choreographed 45 second ballroom dance?


“So, how do you do it?” I asked.

He cupped his kulhar and gazed at me, gazed and not looked because it felt like he could see right through me, as if my physical presence ceased to exist. Taking a deep breathe, he tapped his fingers, picking and arranging words out of the countless ones floating around, and answered.

“What I do doesn’t really require talent, on the other hand most of the greats weren’t talented as much as they were determined, though patience and passion do play a role. Think of yourself as a well-oiled machine, one capable of doing anything and everything possible, provided the right instructions are given.”

Slowly sipping, he continued, “Have 3 ground rules – If and when you get stuck, give yourself two choices only, and choose the uncertain one; breathe, feel your pulse, climb one step each day; And once a week walk barefoot on grass, shout out your angst and dance.”

He paused, gulped the rest of his chai, glanced at his watch and got up from the rickety bench. Pursing his lips into a smile, “There, you are set for success. Follow the rules like a machine, don’t rust and when you feel overworked, leave things to sort themselves.”

Shooting a quick wave to the chaiwallah, I watched him walk into the pouring rain. His blue shirt and khaki trousers drenched and turned grey like the clouds, seemingly disappearing into oblivion.

I stay back, devouring my chai and his words.




Travel a million miles and meet a thousand people,

Live a life without destinations but never forget your way back home.

Dance, even if you have two left feet.

Sing, even if you are tone deaf.

Jump, hop, skip, run, stumble, tumble and fall,

But never forget to get up.

Breathe. Feel. Touch. Laugh. Live.

I rediscovered my love for crayons with this, and I couldn’t write anything next to the sketch because it just felt so peaceful this way. 😀

Aunty Hangover

Thanks to my sister’s engagement, I’m down with an aunty overload. Though it would be an uncle overload too but unfortunately I haven’t met many varities of the same.

So, presenting the various types of aunty –

  • Ultra Bhakti Aunty: Now the aunties belonging to this class are too devotional and if that wasn’t enough, they expect the other girls also to be the same. To know all the bhakti geet and shlokas by heart and dress up ‘decently’, the kind who will shoot you one extremely dirty look because you have no freaking clue about some random Punjabi prayer being sung and cause you have a sleeveless top, Oh my! What a sin!?
  • Dance Masti Aunty: These aunties love to dance and pull others to dance too, against their very will, and if they protest, will go complain to their parents about it. The worst part is that their choice of song is the ‘radha solo dance’ and suddenly midway when you have 20 year olds dance their way away, these 50 plus ones join the crowd, making it a not so pleasant situation thanks to the size and moves.
  • Bhukkad aunty: Food is all that they love, making mountains of rotis and rice on their plates and gobbling down gulab jamuns at an alarmingly fast rate to hounding the waiters serving the starters, they are the ones to count while recovering the per plate rate at a buffet 😀 😛
  • Har baat pe toko aunty: These aunties have to give their bit of criticism on every single thing, from the food to the flowers to the music and hold your breath, the pandit too! Overheard that the pandit didn’t know what he was telling and another pandit from the rival caste should have been called *facepalm!*
  • Regional Divide Aunty: Now since this was an inter region/caste/I have no clue what it is supposed be apart from a simple love marriage, all that I could hear was the north-south divide since we have predominantly been raised in the south and the guy is from the north. The aunties didn’t leave any stone unturned to add how the ‘madrasis’ were dark and that there were girls who were the colour of milk that could be potential brides.
  • Gift check Aunty: These aunties keep a track of the number of fruit baskets given, the types of dry fruits gifted, the amount of cash distributed, the clothes gifted and the size of each person’s gift including guessing the gift given!
  • Matrimony association aunty: These aunties keep a track of all the single guys and girls, from their kundalis to salaris to educational backgrounds to family wealth, thus making them a walking talking matrimonial site. Keeping rishtas ready for their sons, cousins, neighbors, family friends or at random making matches for strangers. Oh and yeah they also keep check on who is flirting with whom so that it makes for a good topic for the next evening’s tea gossip.
  • Fashion Aunty: These aunties have the complete list of what clothes go with what accessories and hair do, they always have an eyeliner, lip gloss, compact or kajal that come handy in dire situations! And of course, you will have the kind who will nudge you to drape your sari in another fashion and will not stop bugging you till you do so.
  • Jawaani nahi dhalti Aunty: Now these aunties are waaaaay over their age yet refuse to accept that they have aged and try to act like their daughter’s sisters which is plain nauseous. From wearing colour coordinated same sized clothes and I won’t even talk about the provocative and seductive dance moves, that just made me run and hide like a cornered animal.
  • Dollar Aunty: These aunties are typical NRIs who will convert their currency into INR and talk about how rich they are, about the nauseating poverty and cleanliness and the lack of 5 star hotels in the country and how ‘modern’ the girls abroad are but will choose a gharelu indian bahu for their sons who can cook, clean the house and definitely be totally covered.

Ending my rant short here with a typical aunty statement:


Cleared the exam!!

I’m currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy, have just given my finals, it consists of two groups of 4 papers each, because of the lack of time I managed to give just one group. And guess what? I cleared it! 😀

So, I’m technically a 3/4th CA 😛

I had been dreading this day since the very beginning, trembling with fear and self doubt and had all sorts of crappy dreams about not clearing the exams. Thankfully, none of them came true! 😀

I got the results today afternoon and cried for a good whole 10 minutes after looking at the pass status on the computer screen and then couldn’t move because I was paralysed with both shock, fear and happiness! Ma was at school and as soon as I told her the result, she too shrieked out of happiness and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

It still takes time to sink in, but for today, I’m going to do my celebratory happy dance and gorge over ice cream! 😀