And then you will meet someone, someday,

Who will glue, mend and weld the parts of you that are broken,

Yet will leave a few nooks, crevices and crannies,

So that the light always enters,

Making you feel brighter, day by day.



And then there are days that feel like an incomplete puzzle,

The nagging feeling of missing a piece.

So I sat down to complete it on my own,

To make the piece that I was missing,

Instead of waiting for fate to present me with it.

After 2 hours and fingers scarred with black paint,

I found my missing piece, ‘the desire’.

Be You.

There is this little stationery shop on my way to work and occasionally I drop in to pick up  few post its or fancy paper and ribbons and neon colored highlighters. Well safe to say that I have great love towards stationery, the multi colored post its and highlighters and handmade papers being my absolute favorites! But a few days back I wandered into the poster colors section without any intention of purchase and fell in love with colors, all over again! 😀 The magnetic pull of all those wax crayons, color pencils, brushes and poster color bottles definitely stole my heart and made my wallet lighter 😛

Armed with 2 brushes, yellow handmade paper, little bottles of colors and a few hours to revisit childhood, I ended up making this. Hopefully have a few more trips to the stationery shop post this poster. 🙂


Introducing Lipuster!!!

Many moons ago I came across this absolutely amazing blog called “Lipuster” (I’m mentally kicking myself as to why I didn’t write about this earlier) but thats besides the point. So, the owner of the blog is an award winning animation filmmaker, comic book artist and illustrator, and is brilliant at it!

Do check out his work and blog at – http://lipuster.wordpress.com/

A few of my favourites are:

This is me, every single time before maths exam especially the praying bit! And since I have a bad memory I would sit next to my sister while she prayed and tell bhagwan that please accept the same from both of us 😛 😀

Jeez, I wish I had such good videos to push me to study, I literally cried my way through school! 😛

The following illustrations are my collection of absolute favourites!

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