Merry Go Round!


When I was a kid, an annual exhibition called Numaaish would be held, where handicrafts from all over India; shops selling the choicest chaat, sweets and cotton candy and a little place for rides would be present. And I would wail by heart out if I wasn’t taken to this exhibition and bought cotton candy and denied a ride on the Merry go round.

Yes, the merry go round and not the Ferris wheel because I was/am a tad bit scared that if it stopped mid way, high up and they couldn’t fix it and no one would volunteer to rescue then I would have to grow old in that rickety bench, 60 odd feet above the ground. Similar reasons would be applicable to the Columbus, since I had this irrational fear that I would be swung right out of my seat and into the air as it picked up speed.

This post is a tribute to all those times, when I felt like I was galloping around the entire world, with the wind in my hair, a big grin plastered on my face, the aroma of caramel in the air and an excited thumpy heart in place.

This takes me back to the very reason that I blog, to be able to wander around, to different blogs that take me to places all around the world and meet people across the other end of the globe.

And thus instead of making my blog a no awards one, I set up this page. One where you can indulge in self-promotion of your own posts/blog or put in the post or blog of other awesome bloggers!

To help others like me to have a glimpse of your country, culture, the reason you smile, the books you read, the one who broke your heart, the places that you visited/ want to visit, your thoughts and everything else that forms a part of your world.

So, Let’s be friends?


29 thoughts on “Merry Go Round!

  1. I remember those days! Glad to be grown and a bit more fearless!! Well, in life at least–I’m still not getting on the Zipper!

  2. Let’s be friends 🙂
    nice to meet you wandering soul . Well, I always loved those crazy swings. Though I don’t get such an opportunity anymore now 😦

  3. Thanks, storyteller, for visiting my blog earlier today . . . how do you feel you’re doing, living this nomadic life? Looks and sounds like you’re touching lots of other lives with your insights. Right on!

  4. I had a friend once who called himself a story teller. We ceased to be friends because he decided not to tell stories anymore. Are you the same person? If yes, what changed you? If no, I want to know you.

    • Ah, sad to say i’m not the same person.
      There was a time when I wanted to write and be a storyteller, but life happened so here I am, writing my thoughts, throwing them into the universe in the hope of pulling another dreamer who has given up..

      I have been reading your stories for long, one that stuck to me was of the single parent with his daughter..

      And welcome to my blog 🙂

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