Short Stories – 4

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You can find part 1part 2 and part 3 here.

This time I wanted to dabble in different genres and not find my way back to the love stories, and I really hope that this edition has helped me branch out.

Would love to hear what you have to say about this, feedback is welcome anyday and constructive criticism is highly appreciated! 😀



And then there are days that feel like an incomplete puzzle,

The nagging feeling of missing a piece.

So I sat down to complete it on my own,

To make the piece that I was missing,

Instead of waiting for fate to present me with it.

After 2 hours and fingers scarred with black paint,

I found my missing piece, ‘the desire’.


Someday, instead of moon gazing or star gazing, try being a cloudgazer.

Plug out your earphones while you travel and watch the endless roads pass by, ones that dress themselves to be alluring by naming themselves, ‘the roads less travelled’.

Or the endless sky of clouds, that look over you, being constant yet ever changing, much like life itself.


Sometimes let that child inside you take over, spend your journeys trying to make out things from shapeless clouds.

Or crane your neck out and embrace the sun, feel the wind in your hair and smile a bit brighter.


Someday, be more heart.



For you 🙂




Travel a million miles and meet a thousand people,

Live a life without destinations but never forget your way back home.

Dance, even if you have two left feet.

Sing, even if you are tone deaf.

Jump, hop, skip, run, stumble, tumble and fall,

But never forget to get up.

Breathe. Feel. Touch. Laugh. Live.

I rediscovered my love for crayons with this, and I couldn’t write anything next to the sketch because it just felt so peaceful this way. 😀