Taken for granted.

There are lots of things we take for granted, now I could be philosophical and tell you about the people in your life that you take for granted, the non-questioning of ‘why me’ when good happens in your life or the fact that you are here, now, reading this on a screen with access to internet and electricity.

Instead, I write about what I feel like I had taken for granted all along and realised the importance of only when I don’t have the opportunity to exploit its presence.

A not runny – not stuffed – not blocked nose!

I haven’t been keeping well thanks to ENT problems, but what I miss the most right now is a fully functioning nose. The one that twitches at the strong smell of a half spilled bottle of jasmine attar, or can guess what is being made for dinner as soon as I climb the stairs, or the odd hibiscus in my kitchen garden or the act of just breathing free without scampering for tissues and otrivin.

This might sound strange but I can smell rain a day before it really thunders and showers, thanks to my nose, I’m caught at an odd without an umbrella – safety cloth over my head situation.

Now slightly drifting from today’s topic, I haven’t been writing much.. I had this irrational fear of putting my thoughts out, every teeny tiny thought and twinge of insecurity out there for the world to read, know and go hmm. I have many a times contemplated of shifting to a more anonymous blog (really shut the curtains tight and type in the dark over the faded light of a screen and odd blue glow of velvety curtains, safe to say I have the cartoon imagination of what it is being really anonymous) but then refrained. Sometimes when you don’t like the amount of light in your house, you just pull across the drapes or buy thicker curtains which is probably what I plan to do with this blog.

Lets hope that I find my sense of smell back.


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