Rum Rambling

This post is exactly what it says it is.

Well technically not because I have a glass of brandy nestling in the nook of my elbow, a book that takes me back 70 years into the past, a bowl of chocos (sugar dusted chocolate breakfast cereal which I almost always have without milk) and a classical carnatic song playing in the background.

Oh and it is 02:27 am IST, a time that I should be asleep since I have to go to work tomorrow but I couldn’t deal with another bout of Monday blues as soon as the clock struck 12 and decided to cut my self some slack, dig out the bottle of hooch that lies snug in my wardrobe and write all the things that I want to shout out.

I have been meaning to write since a long time, to be fair everytime I found myself cornered, I wanted to write it out, flush it out of my system. But then I fear this would become a sound board of complaints and negative thoughts hence alcohol to ease the process.

I’m scared.

Of what and why? I don’t know.

I discovered approximately a year ago that I suffer from extreme anxiety. I panic really fast and go to worse situation scenario in seconds. I worked all weekend and I still have three things that need to be completed but I can’t find the time, patience and energy to finish it. Hence at the risk of probably having a bad day at work tomorrow, I have decided to not burn the midnight oil and just let it be.

In other news I think the neurons in my brain responsible for evoking feelings of love have given up and shut down. I find it amusing that I’m no longer attracted to anyone. I skip all scenes romantic in movies or tv shows or books, just skip right past it. Somehow it makes me queasy and irked.

And I have been mulling a lot over things. For a blog named wanderingstoryteller, all the wandering that I do is restricted to work and back, office, client offices and back home.

And that quarter life crisis has finally struck.

Why is everyone getting married? Like seriously?! Anyone and everyone is walking down the aisle, running around the fire pit, getting down on their knees, filming corny pre pre wedding/courtship/engagement/pre wedding/standing right at the altar/wedding/post wedding/ look-how-my-married-life-is videos and whatsapp invitations. Jeez!

I understand getting married is an important stepping stone but I have this irrational fear that I could never get married. Just all the hooplah around it has my covering away to the safety net of my pillow fortress. Add to this I think I have become dating averse.

I’m a thorough advocate of spending time with yourself, but maybe I have overdone my time. Three weeks back I had to meet a friend, meeting whom I had successfully put off for ten months and I knew I couldn’t dodge it anymore. I agreed and immediately panicked. It took my all my energy to convince myself to not make another random my mother isn’t well/ my health isn’t good/ I’m not in town/ turn my phone on flight mode strategies. But once I psyched myself up and went out, I actually enjoyed human company, albeit the company didn’t make much of a difference, but it was a change from being holed up at home.

Though I adopted similar strategies as mentioned above, last week when I had to go meet someone else. See I’ll put it this way. All of us have this one-big-love of our life thing, I had it and its over and I accept that it is over. I’ve moved on, but also maybe you get just one big firecracker goosebumps filled rollercoaster experience and I’ve emptied my share of that love. So I don’t find the point in going through the entire song and dance routine all again. Dating is so tiring, and I get tired even thinking about it. Go find someone, then there will be texting, and dating, on weekends, days when all that one should do is wear loose pyjamas, tie your hair in a bun, scrub your face off makeup, sleep for 18 hours straight and drink hot sweet chai while pouring over newspapers for hours. Then there is the I don’t know if I like you, then decisions, then drama! Why can’t whosoever is your fated mate just come with an identification tag and there, all problems solved!

There will mostly be a part two of this, considering my saturday rum ritual. Plus I guess I have descended in that sweet spot of feelings the weight of the world melt away and fingers easily glide on the keyboard.

Sorry this wasn’t much to read, apart from a part of the chaos in my head on digital paper.

Sometimes I wish I knew what to do. Like have a written path/plan. ‘This is what your purpose is’ on a piece of paper thrown from the sky for you. And then put all your efforts in attaining it. I know, I know that it doesn’t happen that way. That you should set out and explore, fail and fall, live and learn, but what if you are scared to your wit’s end. That taking any step in any direction, the thought of which makes your knees wobble and a pool of doubts to swim in your head.

I just realised two things, I’m not only scared but extremely lonely.

Not to be mistaken for not having friends. I have a few amazing friends I know I can call and talk to, who wouldn’t flinch when I pour out my insecurities. But just this feeling of void, somewhere deep within. Like a gaping hole in my being that I carry whereever I go. I’m not able to find the words but its a different kind of companionship. It sometimes takes me hours to find within me the effort to drop a message to someone, I generally rationalize the thought away or have a two way conversation in my head and drop it. Or to make plans with someone and actually go through with it, or to lie awake in bed pulling myself together to go to work.

I’m grateful for all that I have, I lead a fairly happy life but maybe its not happy. I mean it isn’t loud laughter all the time, or smiles all the way, its the kind that just goes on. Or maybe like still water doesn’t go anywhere but stands stagnant, its surface calm but beneath is an entire ecosystem trying to co-exist.

In the quest of finding myself, I have successfully pushed everyone away. I didn’t take calls, never replied to messages, made plans that I didn’t want to go through and let stubbornness win, because I was in the space where nothing made sense for a while. The mantra breathe in, and put one step in front of the other and things will get better did work but I have walked into a different realm if quiet.

I can say this without a doubt that it is difficult to reach out now, because the rules of the game have changed? I’m not on most social networking platforms and would like to keep it that way, but what ever happened to a good old fashioned long phone call? Or 5 pages long emails and texts that felt like short stories.

So if there is still anyone reading this and has made it this far, reach-out. Let’s make an effort to be kind, and just talk to each other instead of about each other. Let’s make friends like we did in kindergarten, clean hearts, open arms and bear hugs.



4 thoughts on “Rum Rambling

  1. Hugs! Relate to this on so many levels it’s uncanny…I wonder if it’s life in general that has taken a drastic turn and changed everything as it used to be. Or is it just the way we see things now? Loneliness in spite of having friends and a zillion social media accounts, anxiety about work and Monday mornings and yet meting out advice on finding the job that makes you love Mondays, overdose of once-personal accounts of weddings and dates and what not in a quest to achieve what exactly? It is a crazy world we live in and gets crazier by the minute!

    And yes, it’s good to ramble at times! I have found it helps create a semblance of order somewhere in the mind 🙂

  2. I can feel you. It’s that much easier to just stay by myself and not go out. No option to be hurt, get panicked or whatever. But it also comes with loneliness…

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