Okay, to hell with it.

I was going to write something sensible. Pour out sufi thoughts over here in line with a heartbreaking mail that I wrote today morning. But honestly I’m tired.

Why is love tiring?

Why can’t we just automatically find our ‘soul mate’ or whoever it is that we are supposed to live with for eternity?

Why do the people you love turn out to be wrong for you?

Born in a different century, Married, Commitment phobics, In a different state of mind or perfect?

More than half the people I know are heartbroken, the other half are love sick. We all have our own issues with love, at times we don’t find our match, sometimes we do but we are scared in our own weird way and drive people away, sometimes our not so better halves run away, infatuations are mistaken for love and at times we just don’t want to.

I’ve been holed up every weekend at home with myself, sure I day dream about falling head over heels in love most of the time but I’m scared. Petrified of putting in that effort, going out on dates, finding people to date, talking on the phone and getting involved in general, new dreams with them making a regular appearance.

Hence, I have decided to not look/search/seek love, if it wants to find me, it would have to pull me out of the pile of blankets that I’m under and convince me to fall back in the trap.

And to those who have given up, its okay to not want to look at the world around in love tinted glasses, its okay to not want to believe in the book romance and its okay to leave matters to fate.

But to all of those who still have their hopes up, may you find the strength to love and not stop seeking for it, may you cage your heart behind steel enclosures and not get hurt. May you find what you are look for.

Because what you seek, is seeking you..


13 thoughts on “Scribble

  1. It’s ok to to not understand love and still love till it hurts and then love somemore …something I tell myself often. Sending you a hug , it probably won’t help but sending one anyway:)

    • This is beautiful, thank you šŸ™‚
      I received a mail from a friend today morning that made me question, do we hate love or love love? We want it but don’t want it at the same time..

      • Love just happens …In my case that is . It’s beautiful even when I’ve been left broken . It hurts forma while, then heals and I can’t hate love even if I tried . I hope you find peace and love I’m whichever way you want it , not the way the world thinks we must love šŸ™‚

  2. I’ve heard when one stops looking, that’s when love shows up. Not sure if that is true or not (although, based on my own experience, it seems to be). Sometimes I wonder if “we” romanticize love/soulmates so much that we actually talk ourselves out of someone who could very well be a life long companion along the journey…..I hope someone special finds you under those blankets.

  3. Taking your post forward with mine. šŸ™‚ I blog at a new address ekhon. I think you’ll get a notification or will send a mail with the post. :* Lots of love.

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