We, those whom the world accuses of feeling the full brunt of emotions,

Sentimental fools, they mock and laugh.

We, who take the world to be our competition,

Fight. Gnarl. Fall. Break. Still stand and try to last, yet another day.

We, want to ace at what we do, nothing appeases us like work done well,

Take every rejection to heart, an extra hour’s effort for every stone hurled.

We, who as much fall, rise in love,

Our hearts are our impenetrable fortress, our bodies, we might give away easy.

We, don’t crave for easy, comfortable or simple,

To burn our fingers in the fire of passion, make you claim each part of our being.

We, stand by every word and every tear, no hurt, no smile goes unaccounted,

Once in love always in love, yet our faces mask what we feel.

We, hold not much for your riches, nor for the beauty of your skin,

Instead long for the sparks of brilliance in your eyes, words you speak, your thoughts.

We, for whom no wait is too long, no desire, too strong,

But sometimes we need just another wild one, to run with the wolves.


18 thoughts on “Us

  1. Have you been watching Twilight series in the past days? πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    Love for wolves πŸ˜›

    On a serious note I get it. I think we share the same sentiments. It’s fun to run wild especially when not alone.

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