A handful of sunsets

Curtains close, last call, dwindling crowds,

A dipping sun at the end of the day takes count,

Number of hearts broken, smiles stolen, dreams frozen.

We settle scores, sometimes with paper, others, with ourselves.

As we flip through the pages of life,

Some chapters close, characters exit, doors shut.

They say it takes 7 years to replace every cell in your body,

As I stare into the mirror, I still find your fingertips on my skin, its faint impression,

A long sigh, trapped and lost when you bury your head and kiss the birthmark above my collarbone.

I take a part of you, of whatever remains in my heart,

Through cities, people, crowded trains, sun kissed seas, abandoned park benches.

Wondering if there can ever be an end to you, to what you mean, to who I am when I’m with you,

I’m here, still in search of my own sunset.


25 thoughts on “A handful of sunsets

  1. I’m glad you found the click, Storyteller. This was awesome poetry. I agree, that if it takes 7 years to replace a cell, when your soulmate has imprinted on every fibre of your being, it seems like a lifetime for the echo to fade, even with an ocean separating you. Warm wishes. xo

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  3. Oh yes, this got me thinking too. There are some who remain with us in their own ways, imprinted in our memories and wherever we go, they’re somehow there.
    Beautiful piece, dramatic clouds, all coming together and it’s beautiful.
    On a side note, I’ve only gotten back to writing this year again. Strange how coincidences happen across the globe.

  4. I’m happy to see you posting again. I remember last year, when there was always a new and wonderful post on your blog. I miss those days, but I hope today was a new beginning.

  5. May I Encourage others, Still in the Painful Process of dealing w/ a Breakup, Abandonment, or Divorce, and Consider that if they allow it, Unbelievable Growth will Come out of the Pain. Find a means of Pouring your Grief, Confusion, Anger, self-blame, Shame, Disappointment, Disenchantment OUT, and AWAY from Your Heart, Emptying It, making It Ready for Your Next Great Activity/Love, Unencumbered by lingering unwanted pain.
    Om ShantΓ­ (Peace) πŸ™ƒna89🌸

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