A handful of sunsets

Curtains close, last call, dwindling crowds,

A dipping sun at the end of the day takes count,

Number of hearts broken, smiles stolen, dreams frozen.

We settle scores, sometimes with paper, others, with ourselves.

As we flip through the pages of life,

Some chapters close, characters exit, doors shut.

They say it takes 7 years to replace every cell in your body,

As I stare into the mirror, I still find your fingertips on my skin, its faint impression,

A long sigh, trapped and lost when you bury your head and kiss the birthmark above my collarbone.

I take a part of you, of whatever remains in my heart,

Through cities, people, crowded trains, sun kissed seas, abandoned park benches.

Wondering if there can ever be an end to you, to what you mean, to who I am when I’m with you,

I’m here, still in search of my own sunset.


About a Boy

There are times in life that you bump into someone who reminds you a piece of your soul that got lost while growing up, in the rigmaroles of daily life, loops and hoops that we jump through, expertly maneuvering bumps and at times falling flat, right on the face.

This post is about a boy whom I met a week back, one who wears his heart on his sleeve, has dazzling golden brown eyes flecked with emerald green, coldplay addict, fellow GoT fan, terrible selfie taker, expert hand holding road crosser, one with warm hugs and a warmer smile.

I spent the last 7 days in his company, in an unknown city, and wondered what makes us tick?

An automatic level of comfort, sharing a plate of cut watermelon sprinkled with salt and learning how to spit out seeds, hushed whispers and inside jokes, eyes that talk, smiles that give things away. The longer I ponder, the tighter the knot gets. Why is it that with some people we just fit into the puzzle?

Those who bare their hearts for you, share your love for the mountains, argues and debates but will be there to lean on at the end of the day, protects and calls himself your white knight, but also teases and pulls your leg. The scarier realization that you’d be together for 8 more days and then never know which plunge life takes.

Often with strangers, there is an unprecedented level of comfort that sets in, how much do we really need to know someone to connect? With some you read their dreams, what makes their face light up, things that cause a ripple in their thoughts and gauge them, but what if someone connects at the first instance you lock eyes? That runs deeper than friendship but falls short of love.

The funny thing is that I’ve met such people earlier, random strangers who steal a piece of your heart for keepsakes. Have we got the entire concept of soulmates wrong?

Does it need to be just one other person that you love, or the few others who pull you into an impromptu badly choreographed 45 second ballroom dance?