You are..

You are your fears, your thoughts,

That quickened heartbeat when you are about to jump into the unknown.

You are things that make you happy,

Rains, buttered corn, winter nights, swings and bike rides on winding mountain roads.

You are the people you have in your life,

A mixed concoction, some with hearts of gold, others, I won’t tell you about.

You are your dreams, nightmares as well,

Decode them and you’ll find what warms your heart, makes your soul dance,

Or what switches off that light in your heart, cold feet, and sweaty palms.

You are your words, ones you read and the few you write,

Stories that you borrow, steal, and weave into a quilt,

To keep you warm as memories on cold evenings.

And this is a tiny dedication to one of the many beautiful voices here, Zeeshan. There are days that you read words that make you go hmm, make you wonder, ponder. All the same 26 alphabets but one swish of the magic wand or in this case, fingers on a keyboard and you have a piece of someone else’s soul, a peek through the tiny creak into the windows of their souls.


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