Treasure trove

Some memories smell of honey, ginger, cinnamon, mango, coconut, neem and love, fortunately such a sweet exotic memory belongs to my grandmother. Today after eons I thought about her, there are some things that change you, forever. Her death sort of switched off a light in some corner of my heart, haven’t visited my native since then.

I still remember how we sisters huddled around her every night to listen to fairy tales and not once did we cheer for the prince, it was always the princesses or the minister’s wife or the queens who rescued the prince and kings from the ogres and brought law and order back to the kingdom.

Now that I think about her, she was funny in her own way. Her superstitions, when she would chide us if we jumped over her leg while she stretched and would ask us to jump back in the opposite direction otherwise it would amount to bad luck. And us being us, we would jump over her leg and run away, she would then chase us and make us jump over her leg again!

But nonetheless, she was wise. I remember something that she had told me a long time back, I didn’t understand this when I was little and though I still don’t understand most of it, its something that I hold close.

We come into this world with a quota of happiness, sadness, love, betrayal, laughter and tears. To know that if you have had struggle in your life, comfort is bound to bestow upon you. And if you have had a fairly simple life, you must give it back as struggles later on.

That we meet many people, some help us at times when we don’t know ourselves and others drag us down, some we love with all our heart yet they remain oblivious. These are the results of our past doings, something that we have no control upon.

So, we live life, part cautious, not understanding why some people do somethings but hoping that things get better, and do more, for our own selfish reasons and at times to repay the debts of others that we had borne in some life.


25 thoughts on “Treasure trove

  1. Brought back some fond memories of my grandpa. Those words that they once spoke , seem like pearls of wisdom years later. Such memories are treasures to be stored in a niche in one’s heart.

  2. This poem made me think of my Nana. ..reading the tea-leaves, and seeing a bee in the house was an omen that she was getting visitors! This post has inspired me to write about bees and tea-leaves. Thank you. Jx

  3. Love your story, simple and human. It feels like i have the same grandmother. Teta minerva, that’s her name, used to tell me that if i’m sad or tired now this means i’ll have the same amount of happiness and comfort afterwards. And it’s so true😊, i love grandparents and their wisdom. So much to learn from

    • I must start with the fact that I love your grandma’s name, minerva always fills me up with fuzzy harry potter thoughts 🙂
      grandmothers are such treasures, the words they speak, their antics and stories, just those memories make me time travel..

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