Bloggers, Struggles and a whole new life

It is surreal how when you look at the blue sea, a vast green field sprinkled with daisies, out in the open under the scattered clouds on a sunny day or beneath the many million stars at night that you realize how insignificant you are.

About how tiny your problems may seem in comparison to the boundlessness of the sky, the infinite depth of the sea and the mystery of the unknown.

But for people who don’t get to go out there and lay under the star studded skies or travel to faraway lands, getting a glimpse of people’s lives serve to be the perfect support that you need during these times.

Out of the many bloggers that I have met here, though from conversations and reading about their posts, it gives me a peak into their lives but I have realized now that there is this entire story to their struggles, things that tick and push them, which I don’t have a clue about.

Very recently a friend , Jithin had written a book about his life, his journey to being who he is now and reading it gave me a start. I always assumed that people unlike me knew where they had to go and how to go about the same, like everyone managed to get hold of a manual or figured out what to do with life early on.

And that I knew him well. But now that I have read about his life, it feels almost unreal, like being privy to someone’s life. How often do you get to have that?

There are probably many reasons why you should read his book, but a few things that it is not.

It’s not a guide to life, it doesn’t tell you as to how to be a traveler, or how to figure things out. If you’re looking at a happy ending where the protagonist gets the girl and turns into a millionaire, this isn’t it.

The book talks about one person’s struggle through life, the ups and downs of it, a journey towards self-discovery, the pain of love, of how to conquer your fears.

And there is a sense of peace that you get after reading the book, of how tiny your hurdles in comparison to what someone has already faced and emerged out of it, scathed maybe but stronger.

I believe that there is probably one reason why you should buy this book after reading this insanely long paragraph that someone in some corner of the world is writing, it is because the more you give, the more love you throw into the universe, you are bound to receive it back, one way or the other.

Kindle versions are as below –

From amazon.inFrom , Paperback version


19 thoughts on “Bloggers, Struggles and a whole new life

  1. I never realised it was a book review until I was halfway through. Your style of writing is smooth and the tone very gentle. I would like to look up your friends book.

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