Unconditional love and woofs

As soon as I saw this post on the reader, my heart sank, completely.

Indian Drifter is one of the first bloggers that I spoke to when I started this blog, and I still remember during one of those conversations she spoke about her dog, Zoya. One who is like Marley and loves mangoes, who is equally mischievous and a delight.

And today that she is no more, I feel like some amount of love from this world has gone, forever.

Every day in the morning my half-pet visits me, some days when he is in the mood to play, he scratches all over the bedsheet that I pull over my head and sleep, and during other days, will silently perch his head on my leg and doze away.

A friend of mine, adopted and nursed back to health two very ill strays, and sat next to one all night, gently stroked and patted her dog, as it passed away due to kidney failure, all the while telling her that she was a good dog and she loved her.

Just a few days back as I was waiting at the bus-stop, a group of stray dogs along with their pups, about 7 of them pranced around the busy waiting legs and the benches. The little ones bit and pulled each other’s tails and chased each other, whereas the dogs just lay idle, scrounging for food. I always carry a few biscuits in my bag, so I tossed a few to them and they busily fought over them.

But amongst them, there was this one dog who crouched in a corner, shivering. Around that time a rag picker came along and all the dogs huddled around his legs and followed him to the end of the bus stop, abandoning the biscuits and finding solace in his company. As soon as this man sat down, the dogs jumped on him, licked his face and hands, playfully bickering for his attention. He searched his sack for food, and offered them some, which was when he saw the other dog crouched in a corner.

The dog angrily growled when he saw this man approach him. The rag picker, unfazed sat next to him and caressed the dog’s shivering back and legs. And the dog crept onto his lap and silently whined.

I looked at them, wondering how often we do that for each other. We are blessed with the power of speech and words, but how often do we use it to express love, gratitude, share someone else’s pain?

This is for you, Zoya. May you find all the mangoes to binge on, in heaven.


“A dog has no use for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. A water logged stick will do just fine. A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he’ll give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary?”

– Marley & Me


35 thoughts on “Unconditional love and woofs

  1. I love Marley and I love this post and I love the TTT I love the photo. It is so beautiful and tragic. I’m so sorry for your loss and that of IndianDrifters’. That quote at the end, though, i beautiful. I was in tears when I had read that.

      • I have a half pet, though I scold him when he scratches and growls at me, I wouldn’t trade anything for that loony grin and the tongue that always falls out, the incessant scratching, every single day in the morning as soon as I wake up..

      • See? You have something that makes you beyond happy. In Khaled Hosseini’s words, “Happiness is frightening. They only let you be this happy if they are about to take something away from you.” Happiness comes at a cost, every time. Besides, how can you truly appreciate happiness if you’ve never seen pain?

  2. Thank you my dear.. this is such a beautiful post for Zoya and if she could have met you she would have licked your face!

    PS: I tend to buy biscuits and feed strays too and am friendly with all the strays in my area. I have a few who jump up and play while others get scared and try to throw stones or chase them. It’s stupid.. dogs don’t attack humans unless they have been traumatized by one.. They are the most loving ,selfless creatures.

    My poem is no literary piece of work.. but, its my heart mourning my baby

    Thank you again.. I’m all choked up.


    • Just the reason that i get mad too, i find grown up boys and men shooing away dogs, pelting them with stones or scaring them by shouting loudly or hitting them with their vehicles, it’s inhumane.

      I have no clue why they say calling a person a dog is an insult, for all i know these people don’t deserve to be called dogs. They are truly the only ones who can love you unconditionally..

      Your poem choked me up, all i could do was to feel how it would be for a day to come home and not fibd a wagging tail..

      I hope zoya gets to eat all the mangoes and chew on all the bones and play till her heart yearns to in heaven..

      • I agree, these people are inhuman and even dogs are better so we cannot call humans dogs.. that’s an insult to a dog to be compared to an uncouth human being.

        I’ve had a rough day trying to get used to a house where we don’t have a little one following our every step and lick my hand when I hug her.

        We buried Zoya along with her fav veggie treats and in a field which has lots of trees . a place where she would have loved to run, chase birds,rats and even a fly..


  3. Oh that’s unfortunate. I lost my dog, Chelsea recently and the sight of an empty kennel or not seeing that little tail of hers that wiggled just like a spring is horrible. I have two other dogs that wouldn’t play or eat properly for weeks after she passed. But I’m sure Chelsea and Zoya must be creating quite a ruckus up there! 🙂

      • I know what you are going through. :/
        I had friends telling me ‘Erm, It’s just a dog. Why are you acting like you lost a person or something?’. They don’t know how selfless dogs are. I’m just glad that we were fortunate enough to have great companions that loved us and were equally loved by us. 🙂

      • True.. I have people who don’t understand this love and to me since they don’t understand that ‘loosing any living being who was part of your life for a long time can be painful’ means they are not worth my time.

        Sorry but I tend to be judgmental – those who cannot show kindness to a dog will not be kind even to human beings.

        The selfless , unconditional love I have experienced cannot ever be shared with another human being because we are by design selfish.

        Glad to know another person who understands this type of love


  4. This is such a beautiful post! Sorry for your friend’s loss and for Indian Drifter’s. I’m glad that the rag-picker showed affection to that dog. ‘Tis love that makes the world go ’round.

  5. This made me tear up! I saw the ttt post after reading Indian Drifters post and thought of the same. Beautiful post, Nisha 🙂

    There’s a stray dog that is always in our area. I feed him biscuits every time I see him. A hyper little thing he is. Getting old now. Terrible thing that these animals are only around for a short time span 😦

  6. Oh my….this cyberspace never ceases to cause me wonderment! Fairly new to this world (March) and new to poetry writing (February), what I like most about blogging is the Return Policy that seems to be indigenous to the space….as in you Liked my post “Unexpected” and I came to explore your little place in this world and voila — here I am! Meeting you over my evening glass of wine.

    I must say, I chuckled when I read this saying from debadrita. Having been a dog owner for many many years (and always in twos), I understand this completely. And I commiserated with the entire post. Writing so good it made the connection seamlessly with my memories!

    Unconditional love indeed — and sometimes the most peculiar faces they make! As in, our old dog Toby, a German Shepherd and something-else we’ll never know :), was found one Easter morning, standing by our very low handmade coffee table, looking at us as if to say, “Who me? NOT me! I didn’t do anything!” And the basket of Easter eggs was upended, and all of the eggs (mom, dad, and our two children) gone. Only two were left intact. Crazy I know, but he’d left the ones that said Toby and Lyra (our two dogs’ names!). Evidently he preferred the allusions to his people family! There were bits of that plastic green grass all over the floor, pieces of hardboiled egg yoke and whites, and bits of shell….but most telling, were the bits of pastel colored shell stuck in his whiskers! Ah, dogs…..
    And as I meandered through your blog, I saw your wish to be a nomad….and hence the name of your blog. Well, speaking after many many more years on this earth than you :), my only amendment to that is may you be a nomad in place, wandering the world and appreciating its diversity, but may you find the one person with whom you can share it — not a nomad of the heart! 🙂

    Happy I am to meet you here….I’m enjoying meandering through your mind.

    • Haha 😀 I love how mischievous your pup is! The thing is that I have been in love and terribly hurt, so keeping away from it as far as I can.. But that is true! 🙂

      Thank you for visiting and dropping in a message! Hugs! 😀 ❤

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