Of lists of love and hate

I was nominated by the lovely prajakta for the love-hate challenge, and here goes my list!

Ten things that I love –

  • Shahrukh Khan, the love of my life and I pretty much objectify him so he has to top this list! I love this man, to the moon and back.
  • The tingle that I feel when I read a romantic conversation between two protagonists in a book, needn’t be entirely romantic, witty flirting works too.
  • Reading a book over a cup of coffee in a fortress of pillows and blankets while it’s raining outside.
  • A cup of strong chai after a long day at work.
  • Chocolate/ice cream/ brownies/ cake (you get the gist, right?) on the days that I feel like nothing is in my favour, to just take a big bite of it and surrender for the day. Or ponder on life’s problems over a plate of steaming hot pav-bhaji, chocolate milkshake and dahi puri 😛
  • Long late night conversations and jamming sessions.
  • Handwritten letters.
  • The hindi songs of the 60s and 70s, because there can be no voice more melodious than Rafi’s or Mukesh’s or for that reason Kishore Kumar too!
  • Watching the latest Bollywood releases, I try to catch up on almost every decently watchable movie alone and then manage to sing all the songs out loud 😛 Yeah, if you have heard your neighbour annoyingly singing the songs in the theatre, there is a very high chance that we have already met 😀
  • To finish what I had planned for the day, that feeling of achievement when I tick things off my to-do lists.

Ten things that I hate –

  • People who spit and litter.
  • Not saying please and thank you while asking/ after taking favours/things.
  • When small talk is made just for asking a favour, why beat around the bush?!
  • Extra chirpy people when you are discussing extremely sad events. If you don’t bring your sad stories or chocolate and its cousins to the table, please don’t even bother!
  • Not finding things at the moment that I need them, the rest of the time the damn things keep running around creating a mess!
  • People who don’t respect others, be it anyone, rich or poor, pretty or ugly. It takes a little to give someone else the dignity that they deserve.
  • When people knowingly cross limits, be it in relationships or friendships.
  • When we don’t realise that it takes little to make a difference, if people like us try and act helpless when all it takes is to raise your voice or make a little donation, as much as it costs for a cup of coffee at a fancy place.
  • When people throw stones or harass street dogs.
  • Eve teasers.

And I nominate –





Mallee stanley




Izza Ifzaal

baby steps 😛



204 thoughts on “Of lists of love and hate

  1. I was in agreement with you on all of the things you hate until it came to eve teasers. I truly don’t know what those are. I’d probably hate them too, but in fairness I think I should understand them before passing judgement!

    • Okay well i don’t know how rampant the problem is in your country but out here in india it is an ugly scenario.

      Basically men who catcall, hoot, tease, leer, stare, grope women, try to touch them on their moving vehicles, at times try to hit them with it, who make life extremely uncomfortable for women out here are called eveteasers..

      • Oh, I have seen some part of that on the Amazing Race, a television show where contestants travel the world trying to win money. There probably is some of that in parts of the USA but I have not experienced it. I definitely would agree with you. It is despicable.

      • The amazing race has been my favourite show since I was about 4 foot tall! 😀
        I love the entire race and the little tasks and to keep cheering for my favourite team! The locations are beautiful! 😀
        I had this secret wish of taking part in that show! 😛

      • Well, then you should apply to be a part. I would route for you from the comfort of my own living room. I might have fantasized about being on it, but I don’t do well under pressure traveling in unknown places.

      • Haha 😀 let’s see, i have no clue of they accept applications from india.

        There are some things that you can fantasize about and just stay in peace and giggle away! 😀

  2. Lol, of course SRK made it on top of the list.

    Handwritten letters, ice cream, chocolates and chai, agree agree and agree 😀

    You sing in theatres while watching a movie?? Heheh..I didn’t think I have ever seen someone do that 😛

  3. Absolutely adore your list! And I agree about the point where people beat around the bush just to get a favour. Just ask and move on with your life!

  4. Great lists! I am crazy about lists. Can’t pass them up even if they are something like, ‘ten ways to take out garbage everyday’ 🙂 🙂
    Anyway, yours are v interesting and you obviously feel very strongly about certain things or people. After reading all the comments, may I add that the only time I paid any attention to SRK was when he acted in the TV serial ‘Fauji’. He was an underdog, almost, and my heart went out to him.

  5. SRK 😀 😀 😀 I still love the way he spreads his hand in style and kajol running towards him, I always wanted such a fimly style happening to me 😀 😀 Loved reading , this one is really interesting !!!!
    Thanks for nomination dear 😀 Will try it asap, I am still lagging behind 😦 😦 I love laziness 😉

  6. Hello fellow Pav-Bhaji lover .. I have been known as Pav-Bhaji maniac so much so that my cousins are afraid of me when I visit Mumbai( Pav Bhaji paradise)

    I agree to all of your loves… well you can have SRK and I shall find someone else like ummm Ian Somerhalder(he is a pet lover and that for me is best)

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