Some days I feel like a collection of shards of glass,

That anyone who gets close to me will invariably get hurt.

Ever seen something shattered so many times that it loses all hope of ever being put together, again.

Like a puzzle having millions of tiny pieces, some broken, and some lost.

I lay awake at night, for hours.

Hoping. Waiting.

For answers of those questions that I don’t know.

Times when I wish that the night never ends,

Because there is no light, neither at the end of the tunnel nor is tomorrow a new start.

They say that there is no measure to how much love a heart can hold,

And definitely none to see how much pain it can withstand,

Heard of the broken heart syndrome?

That is the thing with people, they hurt, crush, break you.

And you let them do it, willingly, knowingly.

It’s time to build the wall back, brick by brick, betrayal after betrayal.


35 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Love with a true heart and you have done your bit…what others do is their character ought to be a free happy spirit because you are doing nothing wrong..:).

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