The City of Dreams

1245789 There are days that I love a crowd, the days that I’m not stuck in one. Just watching people rush by, all consumed in themselves. Their time, their lives, their dreams, their demands and their needs.

With innumerable faces brimming on the streets, in tall rises, stuck in traffic, running around in never ending circles. Of unfulfilled dreams, desires, to provide for others, share the burden of responsibilities and the cycle of leading a more luxurious life, being richer than someone else.

They say that the road well-travelled gets one nowhere, it’s the roads that aren’t taken that make a world of difference. But I say, get lost in the crowd, run around in circles, sweat, let your legs become numb and fall, let fatigue grip at every muscle in your body.

We never appreciate the things that come to us easy. Getting a peaceful weekend off with family, a breath taking view of the mountains, the side lower berth in the train, or the window seat on the flight. Instead we fight tooth and nail to get our hands on the aisle seats, just to get off the flight earlier and jump right back into the grind.

Someday let us watch our dreams shatter, our hearts break, fail, fall, slip, stumble, and tumble. Get pushed, shoved, lose our way and finally get tired. Fed up of losing track of time, of people, of making everything in life replaceable. Including your own heart, that battered bruised beaten bitter house of memories.

Let us discover magic in the irreplaceable.

This post is the day 2 of Rob’s challenge.


28 thoughts on “The City of Dreams

  1. ‘Someday let us watch our dreams shatter… tumble.’ I wish I could tell you how evocative that line is, how something in me stirs at the words.
    I love Mumbai, despite not knowing it too well. The whole feel of the city is different from Delhi, and I love both of them (though Central Delhi gives this city the edge 😉 )
    And I don’t know how you look, but I can picture you in Mumbai.
    Kudos to you for this lovely piece.

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