Teacher’s Pets


Janaki – Feisty, hardworking, smart, sharp, blunt, talkative, dominating, disciplined, strong and beautiful.

She reminds me of how I was 12 years back, my reflection.

Always finishing off homework, offering to dust the board, to teach the weaker kids, checking the homework of other kids, being the default monitor, present with a clean uniform and trimmed nails.

Punctual to a fault (got the 100% attendance for 3 consecutive years), be it drought, flood, thunderstorms, tsunamis, earthquakes, this kid is there at school first thing in the morning, every single day, never with a sullen face but with a smile as bright as sunshine.

‘He’ used to call her his most precious girl, the love of his life and man Friday.

But for ones, like me and her, we were only ‘the teacher’s pets’.

This post is in response to two challenges by – Anoop and Rob, one that contains a free style writing challenge and the other entails over 5 days that requires me to post a picture and a story to it.

Time – 9 minutes

Words – 130

Mistakes – Ah, I wouldn’t bother 😛


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