Time Travel

They say time travel isn’t possible, but have you ever lost yourself in a familiar book or on a familiar street, only to find a dog eared page or an ink stain that you forgot to revisit. A little jasmine plant craning out of a thatched window or the cycle bell of the ice cream vendor.

Sometimes in your old toys and dusty painting books, over conversations with childhood friends, in the bite of the season’s first mango, forgotten class test papers of first grade, or the memory of a bejewelled pink clip that I lost on my last swing ride.

You travel through years of memories, some happy, some sad, weaving a fuzzy quilt out of them to settle in on difficult days. Other days as a shield, a few lessons, for goosebumps, as conversation starters and a few laughs and giggles.

But no matter how far you travel back in time, with some things you never remember your firsts.

The first time that the arms of your lover felt like home, the first words you spoke, the first time you told your parents that you loved them, the first time you tasted chocolate, or the first time you fought with your siblings.

Some things feel like they have been there forever, feelings that you were born with, that were yours even before you knew them.


46 thoughts on “Time Travel

      • I used to use this particular fragrance long back while I was in school and had a crush on a boy. I may not think a lot of those times now but a whiff of that scent, and I get transported to those long corridors, wooden benches and dusty chalkboards 🙂

      • I understand. Here’s what I do when I travel. ✈️ I take along a new fragrance that I wear the entire time. 🌺 When I get back home, it gets put out of sight. Then some time later, I take it out and spritz a little on me. Its essence magically takes me back as the memories and feelings flood to the surface. 🌴 How rejuvenating!

    • The easiest way to remember them is to take a walk through your old neighbourhood or laze around with pav bhaji and chocolate ice cream shake 😀 Comfort redefined 😀

  1. I’ll be honest; this post brought tears to my eyes. Because honestly, me being The Time Traveling Writer and all, anything with the words ‘time’ or ‘travel’ automatically interest me. And when I saw this post, I thought it would be about the actual science and some theories behind time travel. Instead I found myself thinking about what triggers my old memories and what those memories are. From the bread shop up in Virginia that I would go to with my great grandma to my father’s house where I remember feeling for the first time like I had begun to strike an actual loving and caring bond with my biological father. I remember listening to Magic Tree House audiobooks in the car during the summer months as my mother, little brother, and I would go on vacation together in our little suv. I remembered my tall bookcase, jam-packed full of small beginner chapter books and a lot of pictures books. I remembered one of the first times I actually felt unloved by my emotionally abusing stepfather and one of the first times I felt like I was losing the mother I had grown up with and loved and saw her being replaced with someone who was always annoyed by loud sounds and felt hollow in my skinny ten year old arms as I hugged her goodnight. This post is so beautiful. Thank you.

    • This made my day, there are days when all that I want to do is revisit my childhood when the litchis were sweeter and the mangoes juicier, when the heat bothered me less and the cold sent me diving into my castle of fluffy pillows…

      Thank you for sharing your memories 🙂

  2. Lovely post…it reminded me of some sweet memories of mine….I guess life is all about small moments of joy that we can recollect while in difficult days. Very well written !

  3. One of my favourite moments is when i get lost in memories…! It is funny how you can almost be right there even if it’s years and years ago!

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