Mondays, Sigh!


My third attempt at newspaper poetry, you can find part 1 and part 2 here! 😀

Have been slogging away at work, sundays included 😥

I guess the above poetry should apply to all the days of the week and that specifically a month must be allotted just for holidays, to chill! 😛 😀


42 thoughts on “Mondays, Sigh!

  1. Choti, working sundays? Good. Hopefully you get your overtime pay as well 😉 We will party with that money 😀

    You have turned a creative blogger. I miss the rants though 😀

    • Babaji, I’m still undergoing my training and work for a marwari boss 😀 Technically I get paid peanut ke scraps 😀

      Can afford a pav bhaji and chocolate ice cream treat though 😀

      Ah, I’m mighty pissed at someone, will rant tomorrow. For now, let the laziness continue its reign! 😀

      • OH I can understand, don’t tell me about peanuts and scraps 😦

        I’ll buy you samosa and chai dear. Don’t worry about that 🙂

        Tomorrow is a great day to rant (since I know astrology…) so yeah, tomorrow it is 😀

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