I found these books today, while Ma was clearing out the books to make way for the new academic ones. I remember buying them, way back in 2009, when my only sole aim was to be an archaeologist.

History has never ceased to amaze me, and neither did the world outside my own little one. Now that I look back, it seems like I have turned into a completely different person, priorities have shifted, dreams have taken a step back and continue to be stashed away, behind hoards of new ones,                 ones that make, sense.

I still remember greedily watching national geography at every chance that I got. To watch people wander in forests, on busy streets, diving deep into water, unearthing secrets, of a long time back, unraveling stories of people and places.

Taking you through the roads that you had once bookmarked and forgotten, the feeling of jumping off the highest cliffs, sailing on clear blue skies and waters, sitting on trees and watching the birds, going back, to how life originally was.

We run and run, right from the word go, fearing that if we paused for a while, someone would rush past us and stand first in the race of life. Competing for grades at school, for the swing on the playground, for the teacher’s attention to the latest crush, for a better college, a better job, a bigger car and a much bigger bungalow, and then we push, our children, back into the race,     pass on the baton to them.

But what is at the end of the race? Who stands first? What is the prize?

The coffins and the burning pyre, to take us back from where we came.

Next time that you run, pause, and look around. This time, this day, this hour and this very minute will not come back, ever again.

Someday, fish out those dreams covered in cobwebs, dust them and try to relive a part of them, for a minute or a lifetime. Stop and gaze at the stars, of how there is a world much beyond the one we live in, swing on the forgotten rickety old swing, fall and fail hard, but get up, dust yourself and run in the playground,     worry less.

Let us lose our watch once, and try making life, timeless.


45 thoughts on “Pause

  1. deep, thoughtful. i love last 3-4 sentences. BTW i was also very addicted with NG and Discovery wanting one day i will be there 🙂 but as you said as time passes priority also changes, we can not follow our heart blindly.

  2. You reminded me of a Macy Gray song.
    Would it be so bad, if we just stopped for a while
    and enjoyed the thrills
    we could all be still
    let the world just pass us by…
    …but it’s all “hurry hurry run run”
    there’s no time for this
    We want more and more
    Gotta win, gotta score

    I got so lost in the race I forgot how much I used to listen to this one!

  3. How true! Increasingly, I find myself rushing from one chore to another, flitting from one thought to another. Completion of a to-do list does not buy peace.
    I need to revisit my dreams, to get to know myself better.
    P.S. I used to absolutely devour travel mags; now they r collecting dust on my shelves.

  4. Wonderful thoughts on stopping the rush, the madness and observing life. I see that Ana has already quoted a song, but I have one, too. It’s “Time” by Pink Floyd:

    And you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking
    Racing around to come up behind you again
    The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older
    Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

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