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Let’s talk about Sex

Now that I have got your attention, let me tell you that this post is going to be a rant.

I watched a movie today called,¬†Margarita with a straw, which basically deals with a woman’s sexuality, one who also is affected by Cerebral Palsy. Right in front of me there were around 15 guys and girls, about 25 years of age and a couple of girls of around the same age group seated next to me.

And then they started laughing, on stupid things, right from the name of the society that supports the disabled people which led to the girls scream and shout, ‘Are we watching a movie on a mad girl, like mentally retarded?’ to the girl’s slurred accent, the cherry on the cake would be when she kissed a boy, that brought about a barrage of loud laughter, and a loud question amidst giggles asking how is that a disabled girl feels all this? That they are disabled na?

The funniest would be the SEX scenes, both the times, when she had sex with a guy and a girl, with loud gasps and unending giggling and with the guys teasing the other girls in the group.I fail to understand as to why all of us here act stupid, why does the word sex evoke laughter and embarrassing stares?! For a country that has an entire temple dedicated to erotic sculptures and do I even need to talk about Kamasutra, we find the word sex to be a taboo.

And for a movie that is rated -A, they allowed kids in the theatre, shouting crying babbling children, and then state that despite certifying movies that had adult content in them, children somehow pick it up. It is because of this!!!?

Even while filling out the sex column that asks between male and female in the admission forms, there is a hesitation, embarrassment and definitely a chance to giggle! Why are we so averse to the word sex? Considering that we figure on the top in the list of countries viewing porn and the number of prostitutes ( &, why is it so awkward to even say the word out loud?

The ones who can proclaim their sexuality openly are the fat, unattractive, over aged unmarried women, in comedy shows that serve as the correct formula for bringing out a few laughs. Hint – Comedy Nights with Kapil, which is a highly popular show in India, where the man insults his wife and her parents, the protagonist’s grandma is a drunk flirt and his father’s sister is an over aged unmarried flirt, basically all the female characters in the show are played by men and are classified as ugly, stupid and horny.

And then there is the talk of disabled people, of how since they are disabled, they cannot feel anything remotely sensual, that they should feel sorry for themselves and that is the only rightful thing for them to feel.

The most popular person right now in India is – Sunny Leone. She¬†is a porn star who is now a Bollywood actress, and whenever a movie releases, there is a very popular facebook status that is put up every time a movie of hers releases – “We live in a country where a porn-star is easily accepted in the society but a rape victim is not even accepted as a person. Admit it!” Sample one here –

and another one that advocates women to spend time learning self defence and not waste time in shopping and taking selfies, if there are 5 people who come at you with an intent to rape, be it a man or a woman, I don’t think self defence and trying to fight would help at that point if you are outnumbered, all that you can do is use¬†pepper sprays, shout and run.

We are the society and form the country! How difficult it is to understand this, and the fact that you can’t keep one woman on a pedestal and insult the other. When you talk about respecting women, it means all of them, anyone with 2 x chromosomes, including the hermaphrodites too.

For everyone out there who updates their status once in two months with regards to women issues in the hopes of generating as many likes as possible, there are things that you can do, instead of blaming the society! Stop people or atleast raise your voice against the people who eve tease, and help those whom you call disabled, by not making fun of them, by not tching them, help if you want to, but not because they are inferior to you.

All of us have our share of troubles, its time we show empathy and not be assholes.

Edit – Was watching an english show and the word sex got beeped out with the subtitles showing the word as *** and the word sexy got beeped out too, with the subtitles showing it as ‘beautiful’. FTW?!