What is it about the simple little things that make us happy?

A good book,

A relaxing cup of coffee,

The sun when its cold outside,

A welcome relief of rain during peak summer,

Grey skies and bright green leaves,

A cup of ice cream to beat the heat,

Taking a long walk, without time rushing you by.

The more that I thought about what is it that I need to do with life and how to exactly live, I realised that its the simple things that matter.

Recently someone I know bagged a high paying job after finishing the course that I am currently pursuing. We started together and here I am, still, one exam away.

Admitted that I had taken the decisions that lead me here, ones that I thought were well planned, some worked in my favour and the others tanked.

I have been beating myself up mentally, as to why I didn’t stick to the original plan. But once I calmed down post the panic attack, I felt okay. Now I can’t go back to change what happened till date and I guess I wouldn’t, I probably would have stayed back with a boss who harassed me day in day out, never have met ‘him’, taken a vacation to Pondicherry or a road trip to Araku and most importantly, would have never started this blog!

We do take the little things for granted, a warm home cooked meal over conversations with my family, the liberty to just take off for a day and do nothing but prance around in pajamas gorging on chocolate cake or just the fact that I’m here, alive, healthy and happy.


63 thoughts on “Simple

  1. I sooo agree with you re: simple. There’s enough complexity that muscles its way in, periodically, but it really is those simple, comforting things that keep us in the game.

  2. true my choti…and we would have missed making a dear friend who would write letters to strangers she has never met…hugs… 🙂

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  4. I’m happy that you feel this way. There were times that I had missed job opportunities and felt upset. But there are so many more beautiful things in life, and as you state – the simple things, that are more precious. BTW, did you take that photo? I thought that there was no water to jump into? 🙂

  5. Sometimes…it’s the simplest things in life that bring us much more happiness and contend than we can ask from much bigger things, It’s the matter of perspective and realizing what life has got planned for us, Go with the flow, eh? 🙂

    I enjoy your such beautifully written thoughtful posts ❤

  6. Choti,

    You would have missed meeting me. Sigh! That would have been the biggest loss of your life 😛 😛 (read victory)

    Life should always be simple. What is the point of running around like a headless chicken? Don’t run behind success beta, think happiness and peace 🙂

  7. I have wandered a long, winding path as well. I have seen others have brilliant success with great amounts of money and I have seen others fall and die out of despair. I believe that we each have our own path to take and when we compare ourselves to others we fall into a trap that prevents us from being who we are created to be and do what is in front of us to do. The simple pleasures are the purest pleasures for in them we see the gifts that life has for us. It is in the simple cup of coffee that we get a fragrance that delights us, a heat that warms us, caffeine that stimulates us, flavor that pleases us, and when sitting with others, a pleasure that unites us, that build relationships. How easy it is to forget that we have such complex gifts available to us every single day because we focus on what we think we do not have or what we are not or what we think we should have or should be. Thank you for sharing you and your gifts.

    • Wow!

      Absolutely love the way you summed up my feelings, true that we compare and walk into a trap set by our own thoughts and the illusion of being stuck at a place.

      When I read about people in helpless situations, all that I want to tell them is move, all it takes is one tiny little step, to walk away from the things that we don’t need, to stop running the rat race and take a break, to stop and smell the roses 🙂

      Thank you for taking out the time to read 🙂

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