Jab We Met


Last sunday I sat by a lake and as soon as I saw this place, I was reminded of a scene from a bollywood movie called Jab We Met in which the heroine convinces hero to jump into the lake and try out an act of madness for once instead of always trying to control things and do what others might consider the right decision to make.

She believes in choosing only that option in which she believes, which sounds right to her at that time instead of worrying about what its future consequences are, of running behind your dreams and taking all the decisions that you are in favour of, also to accept that whatever does unfold in future is purely your doing and to make peace with it 🙂

Sometimes, that leap of faith (or jump in this case 😀 ) is all you need!

For you.


63 thoughts on “Jab We Met

  1. Agree with u. Geet’s positive energy still rocks my world 😃

    And I might invite crocs if I jump in the lake near my place…so gotta find another lake 😉

    • Haha 😀 tell me about it, I just want to pack my bags and set off for a vacations, over looking the mountains and lodged in knee deep snow and enjoying a cup of coffee and a book and rum! 😛

      • Ah, I’m working my way to it 😀

        Glad, that you are doing good now! 🙂
        That, dear kiddo, is what you must do, be selfish! No one is worth your time and love, more than you!

        And in the words of Geet, ‘ Mai apni favourite hoon’ 😀

  2. Ah I remember little me, trying to take a peek from the door as my brother watched the movie alone, since I had school the next day ! lol
    It’s a great movie. I’m a fan of old Bollywood movies 🙂

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