Someday, lets sit and chat,

Over a glass of chai maybe?


On all the trivial and non trivial things,

The happiness, fun and love,

And the pain, sorrow and sadness of life,

While watching the hands of the clock melt away.


Of how we don’t need picturesque locations,

Or a vacation to enjoy the sunrise.


To share a few stories of our lives,

Under the cool shade of the trees.


Or to sit in silence for a while,

And listen to the distant laughter of the children playing,

Of the sound of water hitting against the rocky shore,

And the innumerable birds and crickets.


Last sunday I spent a few hours with myself, walking at my own pace and watching the world rush by.

Here is where I sat for a while and let the noise in my head just be, not to sort things out, but to accept the madness the way it is! 🙂



40 thoughts on “Someday

    • Well the terrace for one i hear is a lovely place! 😀
      I would spend hours amidst hovering mosquitoes and one occasional bat and the crickets, the moonlight, silence and the distant honking of the vehicles to give company to myself 🙂

  1. Wow! I can’t believe it’s the tank bund. I almost thought the picture was shot somewhere else. Your pictures are as beautiful as your poetry. If you don’t actually have some one particular in mind, let’s do that some day.sit and chat over chai. that’s how friends are made over here, right?

  2. Thank you for this meaningful connection… My stress levels are quite high these days, but I sat on the bench with you for a little bit. My heart-rate calmed…but now I need to get up and face more of this day (blech!) 🙂

    • 🙂
      Glad that i could be of help!!!

      Jeez somedays completely wrestle me down and knock me out, which is when i calmly accept defeat and indulge myself in a big slice of chocolate cake! 😀

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