Someday, instead of moon gazing or star gazing, try being a cloudgazer.

Plug out your earphones while you travel and watch the endless roads pass by, ones that dress themselves to be alluring by naming themselves, ‘the roads less travelled’.

Or the endless sky of clouds, that look over you, being constant yet ever changing, much like life itself.


Sometimes let that child inside you take over, spend your journeys trying to make out things from shapeless clouds.

Or crane your neck out and embrace the sun, feel the wind in your hair and smile a bit brighter.


Someday, be more heart.



For you 🙂


75 thoughts on “Cloudgazer

  1. What’s your background? You say plug out like I did when I was in Jamaica. In the US, when my friends laughed at me, I started saying unplug. 😊
    Great advice to be present in the moment.
    I’m going to follow your blog now and maybe stalk your other social media. Hope you’ll do the same 😊

  2. Yes, somedays, i do embrace the sunshine. I look around with new eyes, seeing the shadows on the hills, the curves of the road, the bending bush. And the colours of flowers. Ah, thanks for waking me to the magic again 🙂

  3. A couple of friends and I discussed setting up a review stand at a shopping mall in our community and have some bleachers full of people behind us. The basic idea was to watch the clouds pass over the “judging area” (the local mall buildings) and then hold up scores… 6.8, 7.0, 6.8, to the cheers of the crowd. We thought it would be a fun way to spend a day.
    Have always enjoyed watching clouds and looking for the creatures lurking within…Oh, LOOK! There’s a fish.

  4. Choti,

    You turned to photographer.

    Again for my previous comment, I just remembered now that you had posted a sky with rays. I remembered now. Old na, so becoming tube light. 😛

  5. i am from a place where everybody puts earphone in every case, now you can guess place :). some do because they avoid noise, some do becoz they want to avoid see each other, some do becoz others are doing . personally i never put earphone (yes there is some scientific reason also ) i love to see surroundings , from people to nature.

    • True 🙂
      A lot of us are forced into boxes, like those in a factory assembly line. I guess all of us are blessed with our quirks and we must be allowed to embrace them, with open hearts and open minds, to get back to the basics of happiness 🙂

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