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What is it about the simple little things that make us happy?

A good book,

A relaxing cup of coffee,

The sun when its cold outside,

A welcome relief of rain during peak summer,

Grey skies and bright green leaves,

A cup of ice cream to beat the heat,

Taking a long walk, without time rushing you by.

The more that I thought about what is it that I need to do with life and how to exactly live, I realised that its the simple things that matter.

Recently someone I know bagged a high paying job after finishing the course that I am currently pursuing. We started together and here I am, still, one exam away.

Admitted that I had taken the decisions that lead me here, ones that I thought were well planned, some worked in my favour and the others tanked.

I have been beating myself up mentally, as to why I didn’t stick to the original plan. But once I calmed down post the panic attack, I felt okay. Now I can’t go back to change what happened till date and I guess I wouldn’t, I probably would have stayed back with a boss who harassed me day in day out, never have met ‘him’, taken a vacation to Pondicherry or a road trip to Araku and most importantly, would have never started this blog!

We do take the little things for granted, a warm home cooked meal over conversations with my family, the liberty to just take off for a day and do nothing but prance around in pajamas gorging on chocolate cake or just the fact that I’m here, alive, healthy and happy.

Jab We Met


Last sunday I sat by a lake and as soon as I saw this place, I was reminded of a scene from a bollywood movie called Jab We Met in which the heroine convinces hero to jump into the lake and try out an act of madness for once instead of always trying to control things and do what others might consider the right decision to make.

She believes in choosing only that option in which she believes, which sounds right to her at that time instead of worrying about what its future consequences are, of running behind your dreams and taking all the decisions that you are in favour of, also to accept that whatever does unfold in future is purely your doing and to make peace with it 🙂

Sometimes, that leap of faith (or jump in this case 😀 ) is all you need!

For you.


The past two days have dragged me down to the depths of my insecurity and beaten me, wallowing in anxiety and uncertainty, all I did is brood and complain with the occasional bouts of tears.

But then someone made me realise that life is made of little milestones, ones that I will clear, albeit they will take their own time, may get delayed too.

But then they are achievable.

Never once did I imagine in my wildest dreams that I would be clueless.

I assumed that things will work their way out, that I would find what I wanted to do with life, that one single driving force which I could turn into my career.

Its when the mental image of my life doesn’t match with what is happening right now that leaves me dazed, confused even because things weren’t supposed to pan out this way.

But then I have now accepted that this is life, sometimes it surprises you, at times pushes you to your limits, some days feel like a breeze and the others like sailing on a rickety boat in stormy seas.

Where we are, what we are, what we do, are all the result of the choices that we make, be it ones that are taken in haste or after deep thought, the intelligent ones or ones that are foolish, ones driven by passion or necessities.

All that we need is a bit of belief, belief that things will get better, that goals are achievable, that things that are destined for you, will be yours, in due time.

Dream in light years.

Challenge Miles.

Walk, Step by Step.

Old school movie poster


Way before the movie posters were digitally printed, they were hand painted, where painters would painstakingly make large size drawings of the actors and actresses and had to get it right, lest the faces looked slightly disfigured!

This is my attempt to recreate the image of one of my favorite yesteryear’s  actresses, Waheeda Rehman as seen in her movie Guide 🙂


Short Stories – 4

1 - Copy (2)

1 - Copy


You can find part 1part 2 and part 3 here.

This time I wanted to dabble in different genres and not find my way back to the love stories, and I really hope that this edition has helped me branch out.

Would love to hear what you have to say about this, feedback is welcome anyday and constructive criticism is highly appreciated! 😀