Short Stories – 2





Ever since writing short stories for the first time , I decided to have another go at it, turns out that big paras are easy, anyday. Big sentences or paras help jotting down your thoughts in a flow, they like to take their time with explaining things, letting you get in the flow with the mood of the story but making short stories is a pain. It is impatient, doesn’t give you room for words, and nags you to use the right words to bring about your story, what YOU wanted the reader to experience.

This is another novice attempt at writing short stories and I would love some feedback and constructive criticism on the same. 🙂


47 thoughts on “Short Stories – 2

    • Ah, that is the harsh reality in india. From infanticide, foeticide to marital rapes, dowry killings, murders and honour killings, women rarely have a chance to survive and the ones who do, are considered as ‘burden to the family’.

      • So much of what we see and hear is second hand information. It’s hardest on a “third party” because there really isn’t a whole lot we can actually and honestly do.

        But, I do believe we need to pay attention…and ready ourselves for when something does happen that we KNOW we can do something about. We need to be able to react in the “real” then.

        Many people, in their hearts, believe that praying is really quite useless. I don’t. A simple prayer, “help!” is heard…even before it’s spoken.

        That’s what I really believe.

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