When was the last time that you told someone about what was bothering you?

Or the last time that you shared your worries with a complete stranger?

I often find that all of us are scared to show that we are burdened, that we have troubles, be it financial or career or family or with regards to just how to go about in life. Instead we slap on a brave face, show that we are in control and go on with life.

Too much significance has been attached to being happy and thanks to the happy faces floating and gloating everywhere else, one feels completely cornered. That feeling of not being able to figure out life and just looking at others glide their way through, is something that I’m familiar with too.

What if I want to be sad, or want to crib and cry about feelings, about things that have been bothering me?

To all those of you reading this, it is okay to be sad, to have not figured it out in life. Try setting yourself free from the facade, and tear away that mask.

Vent if you want to, cry a river, build a bridge and cross it.

Someday, ask the guy sitting next to you in the bus about life, about his troubles, or to the woman silently sobbing in the auto next to you. Ask them if they are okay.

And if you can’t help them out, then just listen, listen to their stories, their thoughts, know a little bit about their lives; for a day, be their shoulder to cry on and keep a part of them with you, forever.

They say, happiness when shared doubles and sadness becomes half.

So share your worries, maybe someone somewhere will find strength in them.

I’m listening.


74 thoughts on “Burden

  1. I am glad to be a part of this one,the stories I have heard,the stories I have told sometimes,it feels good after it’s done. To think that in some way you were helpful for a brief moment or someone listens to you for minutes without nagging or being too much judgmental is a different feeling.

  2. We are called to bear one another’s burdens. I think what I sometimes find troubling is that the same person is always having a problem. My suggestion would be that they may need to seriously reevaluate the way they are approach their situation or life in general.

  3. At times, even a reassuring smile can go a long way. Often, with strangers we cannot know where to draw the line around their private space. But wordless gestures often convey so much… Lovely thoughts 🙂

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