Love Letters


A four lettered word but a million feelings,

It gives you a lot more in return for a piece of your heart,

Teaches you lessons and leaves behind a treasure trove of memories,

Makes you stronger than you knew you were,

And makes you accept a person, completely, both the lovable and non lovable things about them.


Here’s to the ultimate –

Conversation starter.  Facebook stalker. Attention seeker. Smile bringer. Pain giver. Tear jerker. Heart breaker.


This valentine’s day I decided to send handwritten letters to a few of my favorite bloggers and I hope that my attempt to spread a smile was successful! 😀

Leaving you with a few pictures of the letters –





68 thoughts on “Love Letters

  1. 🙂 your hope was more than successful sweetheart.. 🙂 thank uu so much for the letter…I’m sending a reply back soon.. 🙂

  2. Wow… this was awesome!!! and too beautiful of you to think that way !! 🙂
    Handwritten letters have all the love injected into them ..!! 🙂
    And pretty handwriting too 😀 ..
    I must tell that !!

  3. I love love love my letter, Nisha! Thank you so much for the wonderful gesture.
    Also, I’m going to be greedy and complain that (a) my letter doesn’t feature in the picture, and (b) it doesn’t have the cute little images you drew on the others.

    And I agree with La sua Principessa on the too much talent front! ❤

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