Newspaper Poetry






The first time that I had come across this form of writing, had blown me away. To make poems or witty lines out of random already placed words from a serious newspaper article is a true task!

I have always wanted to try this out but never could get myself to sit with patience and find out the right words in an article. However managed to do it today! 😀 After one whole hour of hovering over these words could I find two make do ones. Would love some feedback on this and will try improving on this front! 🙂

Just incase you are wondering – the first one was about how Nitish paraded his MLAs before the president seeking his intervention and the second one was about the water dispute between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana! 😀


90 thoughts on “Newspaper Poetry

  1. I’ve done something similar but instead of a newspaper, I’ve used a descriptive passage from a book and circled and joined words rather than delete. The technique is called a river poem. Can see why you enjoyed it!

  2. This is actually beautiful and has inspired me. On that note I’d like to mention I’m working on this thing where i take words from newspapers and placee them.on my wall and it’s also very beautiful x

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