The Escape

She looked at everybody around her, pain and hurt evident in her eyes. Her mother avoided her pleading eyes by keeping busy in the merry making and crying crocodile tears while her father eluded her, to pour his attention into the glass of whisky. And everybody around, her relatives and siblings, they lent a blind eye to her tears.

Her eyes caught him leering and sneering at her; she shuddered at his very thoughts.

She saw him stuff the keys to a new house in her father’s palms.

She looked at her own hands; she was now imprisoned in the shackles of red glass bangles.

He had bought her by offering his riches to her poor parents.

She concealed and clutched the bottle of poison in her hands, for he could buy his way to her body but she would always keep him locked out, of her heart and life.

This is one of my first 150 word stories, and I wanted this one to have an abrupt ending, wherein the story can swing any which ways.



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