What is it about conversations that instantly make you feel better?

The ones that aren’t necessarily ridden with words, but at times with silence, at other times with songs or sometimes just one’s reassuring presence, sitting alongside you, across the floor.

And conversations end up making a lot of sense when it is with the right person.

One who listens to you vent and sob like an inconsolable child, scream and shout in frustration and angst, debate and fight with you about your opinions, who smacks across your head (with words) when you do something foolish, gives you career advice, stays mum and in silence across the other end of the phone call when you don’t feel like talking, sings songs to cheer you up, makes future biking trip plans, shares their fears with you knowing that you will gladly be their soundboard, who takes your call at 3 am despite being asleep and gives you company because you have something bothering you, who gladly agrees to be your partner if you don’t get married by 32 , who will not protect you but will instead will tell you to wear your heart on your sleeve, get bruised, hurt and learn lessons because experience is what makes a person who and what they are; one who doesn’t think twice before calling you an idiot if you act like one and has a philosophical yet bordering on crazy talk with you on all the topics under the sun.

These are the conversations that make you feel liberated, give you strength and company during dire times, feel like the wind beneath your wings, make for fond memories and your world, immeasurably happier and brighter.

Such people are truly a gift to have; they can be found at some nook, corner or bunker of the world. Like the old bookstore around the corner, the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans, of the earth after it rains, or the sound of dhak at durga puja, transporting you back to a place like home and into your own little treasure trove of memories.

I have absolutely no clue on what I would have done without you, actually surprised as to how I managed a good 20 years of my life without you.

This is for you, because you are more than what anyone could have ever been for me.

My 2/3/4 am Friend. My Pizza sharer, Ice cream hogger. My Radio. My mood uplifter. My Sound board. My Psychologist. My Travel Partner. My Life Line. My Compass. My Person.


46 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. This is what true friends are like. They never say thank you. They will say ehesan kar raha hai kya. They never say say. They say konsi itni badi galti ho gayi. But still you know they will be always there for you when you need them

  2. Loved it!! I agree , life is worth to live with friends whatever happens at the end . The journey is what matters. Its always fun to walk a long distancr if you have your buddy, someone who pushed you out of your shell when you really need it. Someone who shouts at you when you make a mistake and refuse to talk but always rushes to your side when you are in distress despite you did them wrong. They are the colors in the rainbow of life , they are the best gift . 🙂

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