A tired body and droopy eyes,

Aching muscles and a pounding head,

Travelling amidst other soulless bodies,

A fluffy bed being the only fantasy in mind.

Relaxing in the not so comfortable seat of the bus,

And slowly slipping into deep sleep.

Until the loud honking and traffic outside served as a rude shock,

The image of the soft bed with a dozen pillows, now reduced to a mirage.

Out of the blue, someone calls out his name,

She clutched her bag tighter and gave a wry smile,

Tonight I will fall asleep with you in my heart, she thought.


20 thoughts on “Sleep

    • Well, the dog’s owner was sitting nearby so i asked him that with the leash tied so high, wouldn’t the dog feel strangled? To which he replied that he owned an electricals and welding shop and visited the store for an hour or so during which he brought the dog along too.
      Since its a little market with lots of stray dogs and the dog runs around a lot, he tied it to his scooter so that the strays don’t attack and the dog is safe from all the electrical sparks and flames.

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