Little surprises

Post the post about handwritten letters, there were many fellow bloggers who seemed to be interested in receiving/writing hand written letters. And this gave me an idea, I have decided to send in a few handwritten letters as a surprise for this valentine’s day! 😀

Now, since I can’t write a whole bunch of letters, I have decided to write about 15 letters to the bloggers with whom I regularly interact on the blogosphere! 😀

I may have forgotten a few names, so apologies in advance! 😛

Further there is no obligation to take part in this, I will jot down the names of the bloggers and request you guys to forward me your addresses if you want the letter to my email id – Further, there is also no obligation to reply back 😛

If there are a few people who drop out of the list of bloggers given below, I would list out a few other bloggers to take their place too! 🙂

Jotting down the first 15 names that come to my head right now :

1) La sua principessa –

2) Sucheta Biswas –

3) Indian Drifter –

4) Anoop aka Babaji –

5) Jithin –

6) Andy –

7) Soumya –

8) Regular Indian Girl –

9) shruti –

10) Sweety –

11) Anawnimiss –

12) Christy –

13) Saya –

14) Adi –

15) Lipuster –


112 thoughts on “Little surprises

  1. Oyee choti! Kasam se tu chaa gayi 😛

    Chal check your mail 🙂 No I am not afraid to give you my address 😀 Make sure I receive the letter or else … *devilish grim*

  2. D’awww, look at that. How lovely. Handwritten letters are in danger of turning extinct from our lives indeed. We cannot dodo (sorry , couldn’t help it) that. I’d be happy and giggly to receive a letter from you. Thank you, comrade!

    I literally JUST did a post about this on my blog last week!
    Emailing you asap. 🙂 ❤ super excited 😀

  4. u r such a sweetheart…muaaaahhhhh (cheek kiss) 😀 yes I’m sending you my address…but agree with’ll have to bear the cost of post n all…

    such a lovely surprise…and glad to know your name finally Nisha 😛 🙂

  5. Aww..this is too so sweet of you Nisha !! Never knew you had this in mind when you talked of the valentine surprise ! Will mail you asap… and just for that loads of hugs and kisses coming your way all the way from god’s own country 😀 ❤ ❤

  6. I feel a letter makes you feel closer to the person you have written it to , it may be the effort that the person went through in making sure that it reached you. Hand written cards are awesome too.:)

  7. Awww! That is so sweet of you, will you actually be sending it to me? I mean I am in UAE as well. Is it all right? I haven’t received a letter in years, you know! I am so excited yaar, will definitely mail you my address 🙂 ! Mmmmuaaaahh!

  8. Behen…surely….after a month coz I want the posts on my office address and as I am going to change job..the address will be confirmed tokhon. Ghore keu na thaakle post wala aashe na next time usually. 😦 Tomaar id ta dao aamar bloge comment kore. Aami email kore debo aamar personal Id theke not blog Id. I am so happppyyy 😀

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