Letters and Lies


Extremely sorry for the illegible handwriting and this post is inspired from a fellow blogger’s post on handwriting, can be found here at – https://trablogger.wordpress.com/2015/01/24/write-now-yes-right-now/

Surprisingly enough, I’m a big fan of hand written letters, find it waaay comforting than an email or a message using electronic media. I would write long love letters to ‘him’ and they didn’t need any occasion, just when I felt too overwhelmed with feelings, I would jot them down at random, then and there, since I believe that I’m not good at expressing my feelings.

I still remember the last letter that I got from him, I had to go fight at the post office since I couldn’t wait for the letter to be delivered and had to go get it as soon as it reached the post office. 😀

And the last time that I wrote him something, not exactly wrote anything but I sent back all the letters that he gave me in the past two years.

I also remember the first letter that I sent, all the way to Saudi to a friend of mine who relocated due to her father’s job, strangely we wrote letters to each other for close to six years but then magically lost touch with each other apart from being friends on facebook.

Personally, I love the entire anticipation and excitement of receiving a letter, just shows that someone has taken out precious time out of their life just to say something to you. 🙂


99 thoughts on “Letters and Lies

  1. If you know everything then there is no excitement of being alive and i think what letter does to everyone, it brings aliveness to words like a person is saying in front of you.

  2. Aww..just read those lines, beautiful! And that’s some good hand writing you have there, woman! Makes me almost want to take down what I posted 😛

    I looove writing letters too. That anticipation is what makes it totally worth it.. 🙂

    • You need to have a conversation with my ma about my handwriting! 😛
      When i was in 4th standard, my social teacher tore my entire classwork cause she didn’t understand cursive 😥

      Thank you for being the only one to comment on the content 🙂 😀 😛

      The anticipation and refreshing the bloody indian post tracking page 😛

      • Lol, she should see mine, she’ll have new found appreciation for yours 😛

        There was a time i used to win hand writing competitions, back in primary school. I can barely understand mine these days!!

        Lol, no one else read it!! I guess all of us ended up just writing a line or two and focus got diverted from content 😛

        Refreshing tracking page? That would only be for couriers and speed posts na, not regular mail? Or have I been doing this wrong the whole time!!

      • I don’t trust the indian mail, hence speed post! 😀 helps keep track na 😛

        Heehee 😀
        Btw i’m planning to write a post about sending hand written letters on valentines day, for 15 people max! Want to join in??
        Please say yes!!!! *puppy eyes*

      • I’ve always sent regular mail when sending it outside India. First letter i posted within India and it hasn’t reached yet. I think I’m going to stick to speed post from now on.

        Send letters to 15 people?? Let me see what your plan is and then i will confirm. Only concern is anonymity. But otherwise I would love to write..So ill wait for your post and confirm, sounds fair? 🙂

  3. Choti,

    I went through this post before and I was going through the comments 🙂 Everyone says your handwriting is OK. I feel the same too, but I used to get my marks because of handwriting.

    Personally no one have ever written me a letter, not that I remember of. I wrote 2 letters to a young lady who never replied to me. She was very older to me and that was a sisterly letter, don’t know what that means 😛

    • Haha 😀

      My handwriting is a painful thing to read 😛

      Arre chalo iss baar let us all write each other letters!!! Need not be anything in particular! Random talk about interests ya favourite actors 😀
      Or gyaan 😛

      Now what is sisterly letter?! 😛

      • I don’t mind writing or receiving a letter. Everyone knows my name and there is not much anonymity left. That’s a good idea and it will be cool I think. Let me know what your plan is, probably I wouldn’t mind whatever it is 🙂

        Sisterly letter as in I wrote a letter to an elder sister, whom I just met on the train. I was only 8 or 9 and the girl was beautiful 😛 thought some 7 years elder. hehe

  4. I recently got a letter from my elder sister (who is really not computer wise). We usually talk on the phone, but I was amazed remembering how nice and personal it felt to get a real letter, I almost felt like framing it (hadn’t had a hand written letter in years). it even prompted me to want to write back (on paper) though several weeks later I still haven’t got to it (typing is just so much faster.)

    • Haha 😀 letter writing is slightly painful but you need to sit in peace for a while and try and finish it off 🙂

      I love writing letters, receiving them is an absolutely wonderful present!! 🙂

  5. Very pretty handwriting 🙂

    I have written bagfuls of letters in my time. We just discovered some from my boarding school days and it is so much fun reading them out with my daughter. I remember how I used to waaiiit for letters from back home. I admit I have terrible handwriting though.

  6. I just love the idea of writing letters and communicating via post. Its exciting to wait for letter to arrive. Its like a whole different experience!

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