Cleared the exam!!

I’m currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy, have just given my finals, it consists of two groups of 4 papers each, because of the lack of time I managed to give just one group. And guess what? I cleared it! 😀

So, I’m technically a 3/4th CA 😛

I had been dreading this day since the very beginning, trembling with fear and self doubt and had all sorts of crappy dreams about not clearing the exams. Thankfully, none of them came true! 😀

I got the results today afternoon and cried for a good whole 10 minutes after looking at the pass status on the computer screen and then couldn’t move because I was paralysed with both shock, fear and happiness! Ma was at school and as soon as I told her the result, she too shrieked out of happiness and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

It still takes time to sink in, but for today, I’m going to do my celebratory happy dance and gorge over ice cream! 😀


62 thoughts on “Cleared the exam!!

  1. Wow that was wonderful 🙂
    Kudos to that, n I can grasp the feelings you have 😛 it happens a lot I can say 😀 Happy for you..!! 🙂
    Eat all the ice cream you want 😛

  2. Ah! The purple screen is going to walk into your dreams tonight 😀 And girl, the fact that you been writing plus studying for these exams, is a big accomplishment in itself! Many Congratulations!
    Good luck and sleep well 🙂

    • Haha 😀
      Somehow it hasn’t sunk in since I have one more group to go, I’m so fed up of the damn course that i can’t wait to be done with it and then do nimarjanam of all my books and hit my boss with those fat books too! 😀 😛

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