Weaving Magic

There are words, plenty of them, all around us. 

They make us laugh, weep, smile, and unearth a million feelings .

Sometimes they make us question and at times teach us a lot more as answers.

At times they protest, at times they convince

When paired delicately they form the perfect symphony as well as the perfect noose

Often giving us all the gift of imagination

But when they resonate with an unconscious thought in your head,

It can truly change the course of life.

The above dedication is for a fellow blogger who truly weaves magic with his words, introducing – Soumya Chakraborty (you can find him here at – https://soumyachakraborty.wordpress.com ) I came across his blog when another blogger shared a post of his and since then have been an ardent reader of his works.

There are truly very few people who can sway you with words, stir up a tornado of emotions and make you feel at peace too. And reading what he writes is food to my soul.

To all those who search the abyss of the world for the concoction of words that breathe life into emotions, this blog s truly the place to be.

My favourite would be – 🙂



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