When anger strikes..

I was furious with rage yesterday, which was why I didn’t write. Since the past few days, every single night I have been dreaming about him, we have long conversations about why is it that he left and that is partly driving me crazy because I seem to remember most of them and I start getting angry thinking about it, the hurt and pain is a separate thing all together.

Anyhow since my childhood, I have been very famous for my rage. If there is a definition for being short tempered then it’s me. Pa would tell Ma to put the cooker on my head when I would get angry so that the rice would cook faster since I’m hot headed 😛 😀 And when I get angry, I stop talking, completely cut off from people because I know that one wrong word and I spew venom.

Which is what I did yesterday and a few beneficial ways in which I spent my time are:

Sleep: There is a very popular and true saying that a long sleep and a good laugh are the best remedies to any problem J And I followed it rigorously by waking up in the afternoon 😛

Television: I started watching game of thrones 3 days back and I’m addicted to it! Also mentally kicking myself as to why I never watched it earlier. I finished two entire seasons yesterday and started the 3rd season too! 😀 Still sad as to why they killed Ned Starke 😥

Cook: Strangely I find cooking to be calming and relaxing. With some good music in the background and recipes from Tarla Dalal, it is my definition of chilling out! 😀

Books: This has to be the remedy to vouch for since it was one of the coldest days yesterday at Hyderabad, I curled in a corner under a quilt with a hot cup of coffee (I make the best coffee-self proclamation! 😛 )but couldn’t do much reading since the words started dancing in my head because of my anger and I couldn’t concentrate additionally Game of thrones was enforcing its magnetic pull on me 😛

Eat: This doesn’t need any explanation 😛 😀 I had an absolutely delicious chocolate pastry and a five star and I’m not going to crib about my diet going right out of the window because I’m pretty sure that it can only stay out of the window 😀

Music: If there is one man who can set my mood when I feel low, its undoubtedly Arijit Singh, his amazing silk like voice that melts like chocolate is music to my soul, that is apart from SRK’s rendition of a poem from a movie of his, and this would probably trump everything else, chocolates included 😀

I have included the links for the same as Jann Kalyan Seva (roughly translates to – for public benefit) 😀

And I feel good staying away from people, from the internet, from my phone. Sometimes all you need is maybe a bit of peace to gather your thoughts and make you feel sane again..


126 thoughts on “When anger strikes..

  1. When Im angry even I shut up.. else I feel like exploding and may say things I don’t mean. And those steps taken by you is what I do too especially, sleep and watch TV and read books. It’s my way of drowning away the pain..

    I hope you manage to get over him as I am trying to get over mine:) xhugsx

  2. Finish the rest seasons aaraam se. The new one airs in April. You will itch to know what next 😛 Its Ned Stark by the way 😀 And yes, another remedy for anger is blowing bubbles. Use an old pen, mix shampoo with some sugar…yes SUGAR…and blow your anger away from your balcony. 🙂

  3. I can relate to this. Sometimes I am the one who says things in anger and then later regret it. Words once said can never be completely erased no matter how much one apologises afterwards. On the other hand, words unsaid can be equally painful and create anger too. I think every emotion is valid and should be accepted for what it is primarily because it exist for a reason i.e. to tell us something.

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