Happiness is…

Thanks to sucheta’s post about passion (you can find it here – http://suchetabiswas.wordpress.com/2015/01/10/new-post-series-i-wonder-3/ ). I realised that all I want to chase throughout my life and achieve would be happiness, to find them in the little things! 😀 Because no matter how much money I make, if I can die peacefully with a smile on my face and have the satisfaction and a feeling of being content, truly it would make me feel that I lived my life, my way 🙂

While returning back from work, I found a balloon guy. And I absolutely love balloons, especially the heart ones! ❤

I still remember the first time I was bought a balloon, that is apart from being given one by my parents would be while returning back from my friend’s party. We were walking down the street and she found a balloon guy and immediately bought a heart shaped red colour balloon for each of us! And despite being 20 something girls we just giggled all the way through, often just letting it out of hand and then jumping to catch them! 😀



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