Men and Women

I was having a debate conversation with a friend of mine regarding the pathetic state of women in India and when he contradicted to what I was telling him, it strangely made sense.

His take at it –

There was a time when women were caged in their homes, not allowed to study or work and no independence of life and thought. Slowly yet steadily over a few hundred years, we have come to a position where women are educated and are working, climbing the corporate ladder and managing households too.

No doubt that not all women have come under this umbrella of development, but when we look back to how things were and how they are now, there is a remarkable change.

With the issue of rapes, molestation and abuse coming forward, it is a step towards educating the society about the presence of such things plus pulling them out, from behind closed doors and encouraging victims to demand justice and putting the guilty behind bars.

Initially, like about 10 years back and even now, it is considered to be shameful if your boss is a woman but what was the underlying logic behind this? Men were and are still considered to be the sole bread earners of a family, which is why they felt that once a woman works with/above them, she is doing the same only to pass her time, not because she had ambition and were indirectly depriving the men of a better position at work and resources to support their family. This apart from the reasoning that they have always been taught at home and by the society that women are beneath them, and in the office, no one is massaging that ego.

But what has happened now is that men are comfortable with women working at higher positions than them, be it friends or one’s own wife, plus this liberates men from being under the pressure of over-performing, of giving up one’s passion just to bring money home and support their family because now they can bank on their wives to do so.

Additionally now a days, movies and tv shows have been potraying the guy to actually love his wife, instead of putting her down under his thumb and some of them, though the number is small do show about the negatives of abuse, both mental and emotional on women. Also show men to be emotional, kind and caring, one’s who aren’t afraid to break down when hurt and not act macho all the time.

Things are progressing, may be slowly, but they are. And more than women, men should consider this as their struggle, so that their lives get easier and to let them love their partners for life.

How far do you agree with the above?



22 thoughts on “Men and Women

  1. I think it is not a man’s or a woman’s struggle – they are happy to help each other. It is the struggle of the relatives’ and society’s because they can’t digest the fact the guy is OK with the girl doing what she wants and vice-verca 😛

  2. Yes the pressure is sort of off men now. But we still have a long way to go. This mindset is far and few in between. Also agree with the above comment. Our generation may have a broader view on the subject but we all get bogged down by the views and opinions of the older generation, society, etc…

    • See that is also the problem. We have always been taught to respect people out of age and not thoughts… The society contains a wide spectrum of people and unless all of them collectively do not resolve to solve issues and hear each other out, bringing about a large scale change is almost impossible..

  3. God bless you. Women are essential to civilization. They carry an honored and difficult burden of reminding us of their love, of love – and their strength of soul.

    Be well – take the high road …

    B. Sylvester

  4. My primary care doctor is a woman, my dentist is a woman and my boss is a woman. I believe woman and men only to be different to one another, not to be superior to one another.

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