Obtuse Aunty and Chikoo Uncle

I just spotted Obtuse Aunty and Chikoo Uncle outside the apartments where I live in and suddenly realized that I didn’t yet discuss about them on the blog!

Technically me and my sister live together at Hyderabad and my twin lives at Calcutta, however my neighbor is more like a sister. So, all of us had our assigned nicknames, sister’s being dolly, mine being choti (something that my parents definitely didn’t think through, just imagine when I turn 80, I’ll still be called choti!!? Considering that no one knows what my real name is! 😦 ), well moving on, the neighbor didn’t have a nick name and her Ma is a popular telugu movie industry singer so Pa nick-named her Pop (short form for Popstar)! 😀

Additionally we never got any place to play around, if we played downstairs in the Cellar, there was this evil aunty, we called her Reddy Aunty and she just wouldn’t let us play in peace. Within minutes of us running down to play, we would hear her big stomping footsteps, screaming at us to play elsewhere and then we would scamper away like rats.

My parents tried to intervene but to no avail, this woman kept shouting and shouting and my parents thought that it wasn’t worth having a duel with her. So we shifted our playing base upstairs, but that too did no good. We had to face Gopal Uncle, nicknamed Chikoo, I don’t remember exactly from where we got that idea, but it must have been some comic book character inspiration. And he created an equally large ruckus with us running around on the terrace playing out-out.

I remember all of us making elaborate plans of stuffing chikoo’s pants with the choicest fire crackers on Diwali and watch him run while the sparks flew out of his butt 😛 😀

Further all three of us weren’t great at maths, well my sister was waaay better than me and my neighbor. Just to give you an idea of how bad, do watch the video below, and you can figure out all the tactics that I had used in my childhood to be done with maths.

(For more of such amazing videos and sketches, do check out lipuster at – http://lipuster.wordpress.com ) 😀

Pa was teaching us the types of angles and somehow that kept failing to get into our heads so he devised a simple method. The evil aunty living downstairs was named Obtuse, owing to her size and was perfect because Obtuse angle was greater than 90 degrees and that example just set in our head so well that we wouldn’t ever forget it! 😀  So with obtuse out of the way, Pa called himself right angle because he was tall and was right always, and we were acute angles since we were kids! 😀 😛

It got stretched further by a new introduction, if Obtuse was at our home in our presence then we would get new nicknames, namely – choti-tuse, dolly-tuse and pop-tuse 😛 😀

That was scare enough! 😀 Every time that she would come home or when we would listen to her foot steps on the stairs, we would zoom out of the house and hide out till she left, lest we were to be conferred with our new nicknames! 😛

Ah! Childhood was such fun!! 😀


34 thoughts on “Obtuse Aunty and Chikoo Uncle

  1. Lmao. That video omg. The one with mother trying to teach was me. I would have a small story book in my big geography text book while studying. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Glad to know you have a twin. It’s an amazing thing to have someone of your age. A twin is obviously a special relationship. It’s more than any bro-sis relation.

    Peace 🙂

  2. ” something that my parents definitely
    didn’t think through, just imagine when I
    turn 80, I’ll still be called choti!!? ” haha I can feel u 😀 Don’t worry, people have worse nicknames than yours (example – me) and choti is actually cute. 🙂 memories from our childhood stay with us forever

  3. Loved that video, and your Pa’s way of getting obtuse angle into your brains. Well, I had a similar condition in History. And this is how my school days were: Its 5:30 A.M. Mum wakes me up. She asks me to name all the Mughal emperors in order. And if I did, I was allowed to sleep for another half and hour. Else, I would be sitting through the dawn getting all mixed up with my history book.

    • Haha 😀 i too would be woken up at 5.30 in the morning and all the preparations for the music practice and study sessions would be done, only to be rushed back into bed when ma got busy with work by Pa 😛

      The perks of having bangali parents!
      Just today I got scolded at for bunking my class due to my inability to wake up in the mornings 😦 😀

      • That’s another rule you have to follow under bangali parents. They will tell you stories of how they used to bunk classes in their times. But you do something like that, you are done for the day.

      • Haha 😀 true!!! My ma would climb an entire brick wall and jump on to the other end in a sari to watch the latest movies but when i oversleep, it spells doom!!!

        Oof!!! Parents!!!

  4. please don’t laugh :(:(



    golu :! :#

    actually I was very chubby when I was a kid(I still am :D) that’s why people started to call me golu.

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