Fall in Love?

The above picture is going to be my standard response from now on.

A few months back I had gone out with a few friends of mine, the topic of love made its way into our conversation and mind you, I can be a very irritating person when I’m in love. I’m probably in love with the idea of being in love. I go all mad and start looking at life through rose tinted glasses, almost the song and dance type, completely Bollywood style.

So, coming back to the point, when asked about love, she kept her eyes on the bottle of beer and then looked up in slow motion (or she was probably too drunk) and told me, ‘Pyaar kutti cheez hoti hai’, the rough English translation being that love is a bitch. Her explanation being that love makes you a different person; makes you go through transformations, makes you want things that you never wanted in the first place and the jealousy and heart break is an addition to the long list of cons. And for what? Once this relationship ends, it’s the same process for the next one too, too tiring and too much of a waste of time.

Now that I think about it, maybe it is true.

Though I have always been the “cool” girl-friend, never stalked/hounded my ex- boyfriend be it on call/text/facebook (I’m largely inactive on whatsapp and facebook), primarily because I think that just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t be friends with other girls or for that reason, friendly banter which was on the lines of flirting too never bothered me much. I do not have any ‘girl’ friends and it would mighty tick me off if I had restrictions on talking to guys. Additionally, I always gave space and am of the opinion that you must respect each other’s space, love isn’t supposed to make you feel stifled or suffocated.

Despite all of this, there have been times that I have been jealous, may be it was because of him behaving better with someone else and bad behaviour being dished out to me or when boundaries were crossed. And I no longer want to be associated with these petty issues.

I must have easily psycho-analyzed my relationship 927 times but what result does it lead to? I have been listening to sad songs day in and day out, not out of sadness but it’s just that I don’t feel like listening to dhin-chak songs or songs that declare one’s undying love.

Another stupid thing that I do to take my mind off things is to go on amazon and buy bucket loads of books and pick out the oldest hindi songs and try to byheart them, serves as a major distraction.

But the point being that I wasn’t given a reason as to how and why it all suddenly ended, would being giving the reasons make me feel better? Maybe I would try to improve on that aspect and try to work it out but still all the time I’m aware of the fact that this wasn’t going to last. So I have literally paved the path for my own sadness, bringing in expectations when they weren’t supposed to be any in the first place.

The late nights bother me the most, digging up past memories and conversations but every time that I feel like cribbing about it that I remember something that I read a long time back.



102 thoughts on “Fall in Love?

  1. Falling in chocolates is a better option. It won’t hurt at all, and you can roll around like a pig 😀

    What’s life without couple of heart breaks and despairs!!! So relax and accept that it is common. 🙂

    Happy new year!

  2. Because at one point it was what you needed but that doesn’t mean that was what you would have always needed,after all you had not seen the future ! You have evolved and so is your life 🙂 Trust me,after some time,you will feel happy that it happened and gave a you a chance for something much much better 🙂
    Till then don’t go for distractions,make them as adventures,have anything you always wanted to do or eat or anything 😀 Sorry,if I said anything odd..

  3. what is life wihout some heartbreak, my friend?
    enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, when its gone, still enjoy the memories but keep the lessons.
    jealousy in relationship in normal, i dont believe for a cent if someone tells me that they dont feel any sort of jealousy in their relationship. now that’s odd.
    enjoy the chocolate and books, they last longer n rarely break our hearts..
    im drowsy and blabbering.
    thank u for the post, i enjoyed it and happy new year.

    • Loved your comment! 🙂
      Such true words for books and chocolates, though i read in the newspapers a while back about the earth running out of cocoa soon…what a catastrophe it would be!!! 😛

      Happy new year to you too! 😀

  4. true.. dont regret something which made you smile and drown yourself in some chocolate is the best thing to do.

    While I drown self in selfpity and chocolate too lol

    Happy New year

      • oh yeah right from Fauji to DDLJ and then Kal Ho na Ho?

        I was a sucker for 1960-70’s Mills and boon my mother had.. would read them and dream about knight in shining armour.

      • Arre soft porn bhi it should be believable na!

        I just read one wherein there is a plastic surgeon who had an acid attack and within days of meeting a gorgeous single parent, had sex and got married too!

        I mean *face palm* give it time people!!!

      • Lol that is unbelieveable and surely they find hot ,hard bodies and a lovely human being all in one package. It is enough to make a regular person reading wonder where is our hot,sexy,hard 20pack abs who is a god of sex guy…why we cannot seem to find them or fall into their arms literally lol

      • Correct matlab false hope ke sartaj they are…
        There can be nothing wrong with the guy, even if he dresses up in a garbage bin and has his hair messed up, he will still look like a teenage kid with a dimple which is truly a heart stealer and will have a perfect excuse as to why he is dressed that way, maybe saved a puppy in distress or pulled a woman out of a burning building!
        And don’t get me started on the miss.perfect woman!

      • Oh my god..yes! And women will have legs to die for and a slim waist with flat tummy(even if she has had 2kids).. she would have perky breasts and almond shaped eyes with sensuous full lips and always dressed in the most amazing clothes even is she has no money…oh and smells of roses even first thing in the morning.i mean for years i wondered who they managed to do that..even sprayed bed and self with perfumes but no one smells like fresh dew in the morning..:-)

      • Haha 😀 my god!! What nonsense they write!? And what rubbish we read too!

        I just ordered a bunch of chicklit books, now dreading it…but seriously i’m done with love in the real time situation, ab sirf imagination se kaam chalana padta 😛 😀

      • Haha i have been in an imaginary relationship with this man for two years…in it our world is perfectly happy… haha chicklit is fine..i like ones by Sophie Kinsella

      • I liked the shopaholic series and the undomestic goddess and i’ve got your number but then felt like all of them had a repetitive tone…

        I’m inching more towards anuja chauhan currently!! 😀

  5. I can completely relate to this article. I am on of those few people who have stopped believing in love because it has just become a tireless cycle of heartbreak and pain. I have been single since I broke up with the guy I wrote an article about over here >> http://makupsy.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/rebound-guy/
    It is too draining and most people are superficial. Instead I have decided to dedicate my time to blogging, travel, reading and self improvement, there is less disappointment there.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely post I too will gladly fall in love with chocolate any day 🙂

      • I think it will be all the more fun to fall in love by chance and not necessarily by going out to look for love like i usually do. Let’s wait and see what 2015 has in store for us. Thank you for the compliment, you should see the smile on my face right about now…

  6. Great article wandering story teller. I especially love the comment about never regretting something that made you smile. How can you regret something like that?! Best of luck to you for the new year – I hope we both find our loves soon.

  7. Even a long term relationship with chocolate would turn detrimental in my case 😦
    Loved the last quote, btw 🙂
    Late night conversations with your self are the most difficult. I think now I am paving my own way to my sadness…Sighhhh

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