The Vada-Pav Wala

After Sucheta’s post about vada pav, it can be found here –

I had this immense craving for vada-pav so I stopped by a tiny chaat place close to my home for a vada-pav though I ended up taking a dahi-papdi and a cheese tawa toast sandwich too 😀 And thus goes my diet for a toss 😛

While waiting for my order to be made, I had a little chat with the guy (I know I’m a chatterbox 😀 )

Turns of that the guy’s name is Shiv Shankar and hails from Karnataka, has been running the chaat place since the past two years with the help of a supermarket guy who rips off a lot from him considering that despite charging him for all the ingredients, he has to provide food for free and give a portion of the earnings and rent too! And his favourite chaat in the entire world wide is Vada-Pav!! 😀

I took a few pictures of him while he was making chaat-

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9 thoughts on “The Vada-Pav Wala

  1. I had two after office along with cheese puff. I am your partner in crime…the one a dietician warns you to stay away from 😀

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