A caged cutie


I met this heart-stealer today morning, actually heard him yelping to his heart’s content yesterday morning on my way to class but since I was waaaay late for class (reached at 7.30 for a 6.15 class in the morning) 😛 I made it a point to pay him a visit today.

The poor pup was in a cage that was covered with an old rag in a lane adjacent to where my classes are held and he shared his home with a pair of extremely stinky rabbits.


The best thing about the cute furball are his eyes! Those beautiful kohl rimmed eyes stole my heart at the very first instance! ❤ And is extremely camera shy and very itchy! Could manage to get only a few decent shots of him 🙂

This is another shot of the cutie. I yet have to find a nickname for this cutiepatootie! 😀 ❤ Cuteness overload he is!!!



35 thoughts on “A caged cutie

  1. The puppy is soo adorable!💗
    My parents had same additute (they didnt want a dog at all.not even for pup to be in our back yard)
    So i took them to see puppy(try to do that..in worked for me). And they fell in love.
    Well now almost 2years later… Well lets just say they let him sleep on their bed. :3

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