Women as commodities meant for use and throw

I was going to write a perfectly sensible post about how women are treated in India, considering that yesterday marked the completion of two years since the gang rape and death of a 23 year old physiotherapy intern at Delhi. This case has been widely popular by the name of Nirbhaya (one who knows no fear), for the first time there were demonstrations, people no longer spoke of rape in hushed tones, for once no one blame-shamed the victim and stood united in solidarity.

But two years since what has changed?

I remember talking to a friend of mine, just after this tragic incident. He told me that in every landmark event, there were bound to be a few martyrs that it was the lives of these people that forced and pushed to bring about change. I in all honesty believed what he had said, that this one incident would bring about an ocean of change, that finally women will be treated as humans, as equals.

This incident did bring about a new act, called the Nirbhaya Act. But apart from that nothing else, things still remain the same. As a matter of fact if not for anything else it has earned the country a new reputation, one of being a rapist country and the national capital to be ‘The Rape City’.

Rape cases happen all over India, with the emergence of the Nirbhaya Case, what happened was that every single day, till date, the newspapers carried a rape story. Initially for the first few months, they would make it to the prime slot of the news channels, but now, the word has lost all of its sensitivity. Now it has become a very ordinary thing, something that happens every day and that every woman will have to go through, it’s like we are waiting with bated breaths for our rape day, like when will we be done with the wretched thing! After all it’s the woman’s fault and it does happen to every woman living in India, no big deal!

Some of the many justifications/explanations given to why rapes happen are:

  • No one commits rape intentionally —Chhattisgarh’s home minister Ramsewak Paikra
  • Police cannot deter rapes —Babulal Gaur
  • Boys will be boys — Mulayam Singh Yadav
  • Aapko toh khatra nahin hua— Akhilesh Yadav – roughly translated to mean ‘It’s not as if you have faced any danger’, this was in response to a question by a journalist when he was asked about the murder and rape of 2 dalit girls, whose bodies were later on hung on a tree.
  • TV brings vulgarity into homes — SP MP Ram Gopal Yadav
  • Even the woman is guilty—Abu Azmi
  • Dented-painted women— Congress MP Abhijit Mukherjee (President Pranab Mukherjee’s son)
  • Rapes occur in India, not Bharat — RSS’s Mohan Bhagwat
  • Western culture’ responsible for rapes — Shankaracharya of Puri Swami Nischalanand Saraswati
  • Don’t eat chowmein, it leads to rape, says Haryana khap leader – Jitender Chhatar
  • “People who eat more non-vegetarian food like chicken and fish are inclined towards carrying out molestation and rape.” – Vinay Bihari, minister of Bihar
  • Mobile Phones are the root cause of rise in rape and molestation – Karnataka Assembly State Panel
  • Scantily clad in school uniforms – Puducherry’s Education Minister
  • “As the year 2012 was leaving, inauspicious phase emerged owing to the stars that seem to have led to the higher incidences of molestations and rape. I also believe that just like the stars are responsible for the outcome of good or bad events, the incidents of rape too are consequences of the bad phase controlled by stars.” –  Chhattisgarh minister Nanki Ram Kanwar
  • A village head in Bihar had said that women should avoid wearing jeans to prevent rape, as western clothing denoted sexual availability. The classic she-asked-for-it argument.
  • Politicians in Mumbai insist that when men see a mannequins in lingerie, the urge to rape is so natural.”Lingerie mannequins promote rapes. Skimpily clad mannequins can pollute young minds. After the Delhi rape case, I felt something had to be done,” said Ritu Tawade, the BJP Corporator, who had put forth the proposal.
  • And the best one being, THE VICTIM, cause she was definitely asking for it.

With a wretched and incompetent judicial and political system, it is not hard to believe that these statements are given by the people who are our ‘elected representatives’, adding to the mix, we have a misogynist and patriarchal society, so what else can you expect!?

There is something called being Insensitive and then there are people like us. Educated people who do not refrain/think twice before using the word rape, liberally in conversations like – https://anawnimiss.wordpress.com/2014/12/15/of-revelations-the-shoes-and-the-potential-rapist/

There have always been rapes in the country and it’s not a sudden urge that has emerged, it is just being reported now, if not on a case to case basis then maybe 50% of them atleast or that is how I believe it to be so.

But what about the change or the revolution that this case was supposed to bring about?

You have people who put up statuses on facebook regarding respect to women, yet don’t think twice before commenting that the girl they had a crush on, who now has a boyfriend is automatically a slut. Or of how they will leer/stare at a girl wearing skirts, jeans, kurtis, burqa or just clothes! And then there are the ones who, when see a woman in trouble don’t speak up, just remain mute spectators. This line not only applies to men but women as well, who think it is better to be silent, after all everyone does go through this.

Just today while walking back home from the gym, which is hardly a 5 minutes walk, I was teased by men on bikes, few of them calling me ‘Patakha’, ‘Phuljhadi’, some commenting, ‘Aati kya?’ few of them barging their bikes right in my way, making sure that the bike’s headlights blind me and then shout out, ‘Sexy’ and giggle away. I got back home angry and hurt, an uncontrollable rage brewing within me.

I’m now positive that nothing good will happen to the women of this country, the men will continue to eve-tease which will snowball into groping, molestation, rape and then murder. Because even Bollywood advocates about ‘Munni’s badnaami’, ‘Shiela’s jawani’, ‘Babli’s badmaashi’, of how a woman is a piece of tandoori chicken that needs to be taken with alcohol. And as rightly pointed out by my blogger friend, soumya chakroborty, there is one musician who goes by the name ‘yo yo honey singh’, well known for cheap lyrics that objectify and degrade women and the music videos that are very famous thanks to tons of scantily clad women, such is his stupidity and irritability factor that he made a song out of the nirbhaya rape incident, making fun out of a rape victim.

We don’t respect women, they are only to be used in fairness ads or jewelry advertisements or to sell cars, to be shown as goddesses in newspapers or as idols but ultimately to be raped and used, either for household activities or sex.

Because we women, are a commodity and deserve no respect, rights or feelings, just use and throw.



33 thoughts on “Women as commodities meant for use and throw

  1. Man.. you nailed this..!!!
    One thing I must say, perceptions must change..!!
    The way society thinks, or is made to think..!!!
    It must be nurtured to be sensitive ..!!! and the first step begins at home..!!!

    • Yeah it does, women as a matter of fact are a part of this vicious cycle of mistreating other women.
      When a woman faces discrimination and insult when she entered home as the daughter-in-law, will not learn anything from that behaviour. As a matter of fact she takes revenge for what happened to her by dishing out the same treatment to the new daughter-in-law.
      Same goes for discrimination between her children if she has a son and a daughter.

  2. All too true. Several years ago, I edited/wrote an Encyclopedia of Rape. This was before the highly publicized rapes in India, but of course, we know that rape has occurred everywhere throughout history. Anyone who actually thinks about it, knows that it has nothing to do with what women wear or do–elderly women, women covered from head to toe, women in comas, young girls, and even infants are raped. The photographs you posted say it all, “Teach Don’t Rape.”

  3. I dunno how things will ever get better for woman, in this country especially. If ever I try to tell then men how something is not inherently right about the way women are treated, they just laugh it off or think I can take a joke. Almost giving up on this ever changing :-/

  4. You have poured out your outrage and anger and rightly so. Things remain the same for women in India. The insensitivity of the average Indian male is unbelievable.
    The most effective way would be to teach our children about the discrimination and hopefully things would start changing a few years down the line.

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