Chai, Love, Memories and You

I was talking to a friend of mine today evening, she knew about the break up and since then has been endlessly telling me to date other guys, but I just don’t feel like it.

Its that I may be able to get rid of his things and delete the mails, messages and his numbers but the memories and feelings never go. There are times that I just look at things and unknowingly start missing him.

Just today in the morning post class I went to have tea and suddenly thought of him, I could listen to the squeals of laughter, of how specific he was about his ginger-pepper-tulsi tea, of how he made the world’s best coffee, of how I would sit on his lap and we would have chai together, of how he would make fun of my intense fondness for strong tea, of the amount of sugar that I need in my tea often teasing me that it was more in the nature of sugar water than tea, of how we would discuss our day over a cup of chai, of how we would pull the chairs out in the balcony and sip tea in silence, of how I couldn’t drink hot tea and how I would curl on his lap burying my nose in the nape of neck as he put his free arm around me and held me tight, I can still feel his skin, its smell and the warmth of his palms…



23 thoughts on “Chai, Love, Memories and You

  1. Glad you’re leaving traces of the pain in your words. For a story teller, it’s not Time alone, but ‘Words’, that heal it. I’ve observed how ‘chai moments’ were dear to you. Live those moments again. Alone. Till the pain comes out as bursts of laughter. 🙂

  2. I just noticed this post 🙂 (yes, I am on a ‘catching up on blogs spree :P)
    FYI, I loooove terribly tiny tales. The day I flew back from my trip, I saw this one about promises… Sigh.. I need to write about that one soon!

  3. I’ve had that emptiness, that hole for 4 years now…
    I don’t think one can “move on” they may another direction, but move on, how can you move on when its such an intricate part of who you have become in the before and after…

    I like your realness in your post…
    Thank you for sharing with us….
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • True, and its very difficult but all i do is keep myself distracted which ends up failing miserably as any little thing will end up triggering a treasure trove of memories… I would like to believe that i’m slightly better now, that i can function without the constant stabbing pain..

      Thank you for taking out the time to read 🙂

      • You’re welcome…
        there is always that memory that sneaks up and blindsides you and pulls you back…
        I am better…working on finding me again, so much damage is done to one’s confidence when you never had a choice in a decision that would be as life changing as the encounter and colliding that started the whole new life…
        I enjoy those stab-free days 🙂 its the silence as if I were nothing that seeps in and take my breath away and send me down the rabbit hole again
        though one thing I do understand is I have learned this lesson well..I will not have to repeat…I am grateful for that

      • My thoughts resonate with yours! 🙂
        I too have been on a journey to find my way back to happiness, the part where I don’t need another person to feel happy..

        I’m so glad to have found you! 🙂

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