Dusky yet Lovely

What is wrong with the above advertisement?

This thought creeped into my head while I was having a conversation about arranged marriages with a friend. I do not ever advocate the usage of fairness cream, never did and never will. She questioned me if it had something to do with my not so fair skin because if I did have a feeling of this sort, I too could use these creams and meet the guy of my dreams.

This, is what is wrong.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be fair-er. But using these creams because there is a stupid advertisement that exploits your fears and instills the thought that being fair could get you your dream guy, talent or confidence is the crappy part.

Why on Earth would someone want to be with a person just because he/she is fair?! It is a widely known fact that outside beauty will wither with time!

Does being fair get you added talent? No.

Does being fair have anything to do with confidence? No.

Then why this madness? Such is the obsession with fairness in India, that we have a billion dollar industry thriving and growing just to exploit this insecurity. Earlier this was only restricted to women but now they have found a new target customer base in men.

I say, use fairness creams only if you want to and not out of societal pressure because there is nothing wrong in wanting to be lighter skinned, its one’s own personal choice. Better, be comfortable in your own skin and body, and definitely kick the ass of people who think, being fair = being lovely.


47 thoughts on “Dusky yet Lovely

  1. oh well you have to register to Shaadi.com or jeevansathi.com to see exactly how many want “good looking and fair girl” even if the groom to be himself looks like an ass and terribly dark.

  2. as you pinned it – it is the deep seated perception that fairness is beauty in our culture that makes these industries thrive…but i do observe that the men and women working as air hostesses, receptionists in offices etc try hard to look fair…people get away by saying that the industry demands such make ups…I wonder who in these industry sets these benchmarks and why?!

    • Forget that, normally bhi people are obsessed with fair skin.
      I once overheard this woman in my office who was like her relative’s daughters are so fair, like milk and they would give Katrina Kaif a run for her money, no wonder those girls despite just being in college are getting so many marriage proposals!

      All that I could think at that time was that, do we not tell Katrina Kaif that she has got some serious competition? 😀 😛

      • hahaha you must have asked your colleague to challenge katrina and see what colour the colleagues face turns into!

        Arranged marriages are mostly like that, girls need to be beauuuuutiful i.e. fair 😛 and boys need to be earning big baki sab like age, likes n tastes vagera vagera can be adjusted

  3. Predominant in our society. Especially the older generation… I cringe everytime someone comes and tells me how fair I am and how I won’t have to work very hard at finding a groom.
    Yea.. Because that’s all I have left in me!

  4. Well said, comrade…India is most definitely anti-black, passively and aggressively in my humble opinion. And it’s not just personal experiences that have shaped it. Just the other day I saw this teaser for a new film, in which the protagonist, a wheat-skinned fella, had painted his face in a darker shade to play a “non glamourous” role.

  5. Things are changing though….but only when the people are sensible and level headed and don’t choose brides on the basis of “photos”!! uuugh…

  6. This is really thoughtful… 🙂
    But i believe the youth today should be more sensible…!!
    Cut the crap on creams, fitness n every other thing that makes you insecure..!!!
    And live your life to the fullest..!! 🙂
    Your dream partner would find you eventually, irrespective of what ever perception you make of yourself, in front of your mirror..!!! 🙂

    • True!
      I believe that do things in moderation, an excess of anything can be harmful… Its good to be fit but not to obsess about it and starve yourself just because ‘people think, being thin = being pretty’;the same goes for fairness creams too, use it only if you want to, afterall its your body and no one can dictate you on how it should be… 🙂

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