How and why I ditch my diet plans


– “Opportunity knocks softly, temptation knocks the door down!”

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47 thoughts on “How and why I ditch my diet plans

  1. Forget dieting, I ate like a pig during the trip. Some how most of my travel plans with friends involving eating and shopping. Now that Im back i realise what I put myself through. Need to hit the gym and soon 😦

      • Haha 😀 i have a trainer who is keeps her eyes on me at all times and if i look slightly fat, i know that she will make me workout to loose that little bit of fat, i try to resist out of fear 😛 😀

      • Arre it didn’t show up on my reader 😦
        chalo abhi dekh liye, i want details par!!! 😀 super happy for you!
        the aapka was out of habit 😛 chalo koi nahi, ab se will resort to tum/tumhara 😀

      • Hehhe..I was kidding about you not reading the post. I figured you would have missed it on the reader 🙂
        Details..yes, soon-ish. I’m still wrapping my head around everything that happened. My friends are really surprised by my reaction to everything, considering the fact that we’re ‘just friends’ now. So right now, I don’t want to think or over analyze anything. Just taking one day at a time 🙂

      • It is really great to have the support back. And in all honesty I’m not as strong as i may seem. I was a mess when i met him. I conveniently skipped all that while telling my friends what had happened. I try and keep up to the perception that people have about me 😛
        I am pretty vengeful too when it comes to people that hurt me in anyway, but somehow I could never be that way with PI. I’ve been told that’s not a very good thing. There are days that I agree to this, and days that I don’t.

      • So true! Its the same thing with me, but I can’t help it cause I love myself more than anyone or anything else in the Universe.. I’m bad at forgiving and forgetting, someday though lets hope that i will finally improve! 😛

        PS – Our thoughts are eerily similar! 😀

      • Lol…ya I’ve been realizing that.. 😛
        I thought of this when i read your recent post, ’cause i also met PI during the trip, cause my friend insisted I should. I wasn’t sure I should because in my mind I believed that he wouldn’t want to or agree to. Things ofcourse took a different route from there, but still, such similar circumstances and views!
        Are we the same star sign by any chance? 😛

      • Nooo! He’s Aries.
        And btw, if he were a Capri..I’d have a pretty good idea about your personality 😛
        One of my school friends is. We share a common love for hand written letters! She’s in Aussie land and we write to each other every now and then! 😀

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